The Easy Yet Striking Way To Wear Blue Eye Shadow

Have your color and wear it, too.

Some people watch fashion week for the clothes. I suppose I do, too. But what I really get excited about is the makeup and hair.

The looks at fall 2015 New York Fashion Week were downright pretty, and so many of them were actually wearable. I've been having a hay day e-flipping through photos and recreating one after another, including this one.

But instead of recreating this lovely Delpozo look, I decided to make a few tweaks. I think it ended up looking more spring-ish in the end. You'll have to tell me what you think. Here we go!

After applying a primer, I grabbed my Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, which is sheer and leaves a matte finish. I buffed it out with my Artis brushes for a really seamless finish.

Next up: eye shadow primer. It's a must for this one, chicas. It is for any major eye look, really. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Using my finger, I applied a wash of Bodyography's Cream Eye Shadow in Glitz to my entire lid and up to the brow bone. You could use a non cream shadow, of course. Just make sure it's gold-ish and shimmery.

To create some dimension and depth, I applied a faint, non-fussy, extended wing with a matte brown shadow and eyeliner brush.

Delpozo used a muted yellow on the interior eye corners, but I wanted something that popped a little bit more. I used Gonzo, a rich, chlorine-blue from Urban Decay's Electric Palette. To prevent fallout, I dampened it slightly and tapped it on with an eyeliner brush.

My lips are naturally very pink, but this look has a softer, nude thing going on. I just applied a little foundation (you can also use concealer) to moisturized lips and blended it out.

Gloss is important. I'm using Philosophy's Peppermint Stick Lipgloss, which is a sheer gloss that adds sheen.

Finally, I applied clear nail polish and painted squiggles down the length of my nails. This is Londontown Lakur in Best of British, which I basically haven't stopped wearing since I got it. It's so good.

For brows, I kept things really natural, but exaggerated the width and length. I also applied two coats of mascara. And that's the whole shebang. I like it!

  • Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Yay? Nay?
  • Would you wear this look out on the town?
  • Have you recreated any runway looks lately? Please share!