I Can't Imagine Using Any Brow Product But This One

Why I've sworn off all the pencils and powders for this gel, and how I use it to get perfect eyebrows.
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October 2, 2015
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Even during my pre-teen years, when the thin brow look was IN, I was already wishing for—no, obsessing over—full, thick brows. My natural ones were light, uneven and slightly connected, and I knew darkening and enlarging them would give my round face some much-needed definition.

So I started looking to makeup to fake the brows of my dreams.

Although these days brow products are booming, back then I was limited to two options: pencil and powder. The former always seemed to give me a harsh look (I also didn’t own a spoolie back then or know how to use one), and the latter, while nice, tended to disappear on my oily, sweaty skin and didn’t go a good job of intensifying my brows in certain areas. As a result, I was often frustrated with my brow purchases, since what I really needed was something that could do the work of both products.

That’s where Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow comes in.

You’ve heard me mention it in a few articles, but you’ve definitely seen it more than you’ve heard me talk about it. I wear it in 99 percent of my xoVain photos, and that’s because the gel, which excels at adding shape and definition to my light brows, is my Holy Grail eyebrow product.

I purchased it just two years ago to see how well it would hold up during the summer, and I was more than impressed; I decided to keep using it all year round.

Why I Love It

It’s hard to go overboard. Since Aqua Brow dries to a natural-looking matte finish, it’s difficult to over-apply and end up with super-dark eyebrows. With that being said, if you like the look of very bold, very dark brows, you probably won’t like this product as much as I do.

Going from light to darker is not a problem. If you want to get the ombre or faded brow look, it’s totally doable using this product.

There’s no sharpener required. That means less wasted product, which leads me to my next reason...

It’s cost-effective. One small tube lasts me about a year since I only need a tiny dot to fill in my brows. I can’t say the same about pencil products.

It lasts all day. Anyone with oily or sweaty skin will appreciate how this won’t slide off even on the most humid days. You’ll really have to wipe your face hard for this to come off.

It won’t get icky. Since it comes in a tiny tube dispenser, you won’t be contaminating the product. You’ll just be dispensing as much as you need.

How I Use It

If you’re used to using pencil or cream products for your brows, using this gel can be intimidating, especially since it does set quicker. Fortunately, it’s simple to use once you get the hang of it.

To start, here’s a pic of my naked brows.

To fill them in, I dispense a tiny dot of Aqua Brow onto the back of my hand, and then dip a small, slanted liner brush in it. In my experience, the smaller the brush, the better, since it gives the most control.

I draw my first strokes on the tail of my brow (I’m demonstrating on my right brow since it needs the most work) because I want that to be the darkest part.

Next, I load up my brush once again, but I wipe some excess on the back of my hand. Then I block in the middle part of brows, making sure to stop about half an inch from the start of my brows.

Afterward, I, again, wipe off excess product from my brush until there’s very little left, and I use the point of my brush to lightly draw hairs at the start of my brows, from top to bottom, for an ombre effect.

I do the same with my other brow, and then add some final touches, like deepening certain areas with more product, so they look more similar. I sometimes clean up the area by using a concealer brush dipped in foundation, too, to refine the edges. Lastly, I make sure to wash my hands when I’m done, because of this mess:

The result is some happy brow sisters (not twins) that won’t budge but WILL help add angles to my round face.

  • What’s your favorite brow product?
  • Have you found your HG beauty product?
  • What does your brow routine look like?