How To Use Kool-Aid As A Lip Stain

Kool-Aid is the 10 cent lip stain you've been searching for.
Publish date:
November 13, 2014
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Let me take a moment to describe my brain in beauty mode: try product, product fails; try another product, product fails yet again; come up with some weirdo household item that just might solve the problem, either poison self or look extra fabulous the next day.

That’s what happened, verbatim, with lip stains. Oh, what hope I had for flawless, matte lips that could withstand a make out sesh…or seven. I tried glossy stains, liquid lipsticks, even those damn lip markers, which I loathe, by the way.

I’ll give you one hint about what finally worked for me: Oooh, yeah!

That’s right, I’m known for keeping packets of Kool-Aid in my purse, along with some Q-Tips to apply it. Besides staining the hell out of your lips and costing 10 cents per packet, all day long you get a tasty dose of your favorite Kool-Aid flavor whenever you lick your lips. Here's how to apply it.

  1. The best way to apply Kool-Aid is by wetting a Q-Tip, dipping it in the powder, and then running it under the water again for a second. That’ll get any weird clumps off before you put it on your lips.
  2. One layer yields a super sheer, natural wash. Two is nearly opaque, but three will start to get streaky.
  3. Warning: The first time you lick your lips after application, it’ll be pretty sour. But as someone that can eat an entire bag of Warheads in one sitting, I’m into it!
  4. This stuff will seriously last all day, but it comes off fairly easy with waterproof makeup remover.

Now, here are my favorite flavors.


Things aren’t always what they appear when it comes to Kool-Aid as lip stain. You’d expect a classic, all-American red from the cherry flavor, am I right? Wrong. This stuff’s more orange than red, and every time I don it I feel like some edgy-cool boho chick, like Jessa from Girls.

Black Cherry

I avoided this flavor for a loooong time, assuming that it would be much too intense and would take approximately six days to come off. But I worked up the courage and BAM! Classic red lips. And though you’d expect Kool-Aid to be totally matte, in this case it had the tiniest bit of sheen. Freaking gorgeous.


Another stumper, courtesy of Kool-Aid! I expected the boldest of violets, but with my new red hair, I was looking pretty…goth? But in a totally multi-dimensional way, if that’s possible. Instead of your standard gray or black lipstick, the Kool-Aid method proved sheer enough to let a little bit of my natural lip color show through. Perfect for Halloween or, if you’re like me, a typical night out.

  • Before you go bursting through a wall in excitement, hit me up: would you ever try Kool-Aid lips?
  • What are your favorite homemade beauty tips?