LOTW: Just-For-Fun Halloween Makeup As Regular Makeup

Because I love a challenge and it's Look of the Week time!

Hello, gorgeous Look of the Week readers! You guys were giving me some major face in the comments and on Instagram last week. Just look at you...

This week I’m switching things up a bit. As you know, xoHalloween is in full effect. But what about later, you know, on November 1st? What do you do with all of that fun Halloween makeup then? Just for fun, I'm going to show you how to wear it to the last place you'd expect: The office. I'm using a $3 vampire makeup kit from Target.

Since this makeup is cream-based, I made sure to put a generous amount of primer all over the lid. Using my finger, I applied the purple shade starting on the mobile lid and blending upward to just below the brow bone.

Next, I mixed a little black and purple to create a dark purple for my crease. It's messy at first, but the harsh lines blend out. Then I dabbed a little of the white on my brow bone with my pinky for highlight. Once I had everything blended, I set it with some translucent setting powder.

For liner, I applied the black to my upper lash line using a small eyeliner brush and set it with some matte black powder before adding a coat of mascara. The red came in handy as a cream blush for my cheeks, and a mix of red and purple (and a little balm) served as lipstick.

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