I'm Using Eyeshadow on My Lips Because Just Trust Me on This One

Why buy a matte liquid lipstick when your eyeshadow works just as well?
Publish date:
November 29, 2016
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You can totally use neutral eyeshadow as lip liner, regardless of how batshit that sounds.

I guess you could call this a follow-up to my seminal piece about putting things where they aren’t supposed to be. In fact, I even demonstrated a powdered lip right there. But this is more specific. This is about achieving “bitch mouth,” the mouth of a mean yet aloofly very cool gal, who probably never laughs at boys' jokes and would be referred to by them as “scary.” It’s a top mouth look that seems simple but is surprisingly hard to achieve. Until now (suspense!).

You see, I’ve yet to meet a lip liner that works how I want it to. If they’re matte enough, they look waxy, dry, patchy or *shudder* crusty. But if they’re creamy and blendable enough, then they don’t last. Particularly, when I want to create a lip shape I don’t want travel and movement. That’s a one way ticket to clown mouth — very different from bitch mouth.

Eyeshadows, on the other hand, are both blend-ably smooth-looking and matte-ly long-lasting. Seriously, they look so natural and sort of soft, yet will last better than any matte lipstick. And when they go, they fade evenly instead of peeling and cracking. The best neutral eyeshadows I’ve found for the job come in the LORAC Pro Palette.

These mattes are creamy feeling and highly pigmented, and the shade range is awesome for neutral bitchy-mouthed looks. I’m pretty sure (although have no empirical evidence) that these looks would work on all skin tones. Here are three of them.

First for an entry level mean mouth or to simply add a bit of definition and a medium neutral-cool tone, I recommend Mauve and an angled brush. If there is one standout shade from the palette (apart from Pewter, Gold, Garnet, Nude, etc.) I am bonkers for Mauve. It perfectly toes the line between pink, brown and grey – this is the colour I would want my hair if I thought that was even possible. It also works great for its intended purpose as a slightly borderline-infected matte neutral eye shadow.

To up the ante, just move along the palette to Sable. To create a natural-looking ombre, I patted Mauve into the center of my lips, then lined outside with Sable using an eyebrow-styling brush. Then, to blend (although this basically blends itself) I turned the brush head vertically and ran it over my lips. The result: a decidedly meaner looking mouth.

Finally, for maximum bitch mouth, step forward with Espresso. By gently dipping the edge of your brush in this, then tapping it along the very edges of the mouth, the lip line is intensified. You must be careful, though, because Espresso is highly pigmented and can look super obvious and Kim Mathers circa Eminem. Unless that’s your vibe, to which I say: good for you. But for me, I prefer a bit more softness and blending, again done by turning the angled brush vertical and running it over top.

  • Do you enjoy a mean bitch mouth?
  • Ever used eyeshadow where eyeshadow was not meant to be?
  • Finally and most importantly of all; what is your favourite color from the LORAC Pro Palette?