How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Look like the hella alert beings in Margaret Keane's paintings, now the subject of a Tim Burton film.
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December 22, 2014
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Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, starring Amy Adams, depicts the divorce of American artist Margaret Keane from her husband, Walter.

Walter took all the credit for Margaret’s widely popular big-eyed children paintings, and if that isn't grounds for divorce then I don’t know what is.

Since this movie comes out on Christmas Eve, what better way to celebrate than to show you how to actually get big eyes (sans oil paint)?

Start by painting your under-eye with white eyeliner. Try to cover your lashes, too.

Using an angled brush, use a matte gray to draw a faux lower lash line below the white.

Now apply a light brown all over the lid, blend a darker brown into the crease, and lightly line your upper lash line with the matte gray from earlier.

Add some false lashes to the corners of your eyes, going past your natural eye and extending to where you drew the white.

Smudge your new “lower lash line” with more matte gray shadow, adding a few dots to mimic lashes.

I’m using Hana SPC lenses in Natural Grey circle lenses for extra eye widening.

Draw in your lips slightly smaller (to make your eyes look bigger) with a pale pink such as MAC Lipstick in Please Me.

I am guessing most of you (myself included) probably won’t want to look like this except on Halloween.

To tone it down, simply bring up the bottom white liner.

You can tone it down even further with just a white waterline.

  • Are you planning to see Big Eyes?
  • What are your big eye tricks? And who are your big eye icons?