How I Turn a Daytime Eye Look into a Dramatic Nighttime One Without Starting From Scratch

And I'm doing it with Makeup Geek eyeshadows for the very first time!

I first discovered Makeup Geek on Instagram (of course) as it seems like every popular makeup Instagrammer out there is using their shadows. I'm partial to my MAC shadows, but I'm always looking to add to my eyeshadow collection, so I decided to finally test out a few of Makeup Geek's.

I'm going to show you how to wear just three of their eye shadows and how to build on an everyday look to create more dramatic looks. It's pretty easy to transition to a bolder look when all you have to do is add to it.

For these looks, I used three eye shadows, black liners, mascara and false lashes.

These are the only three eyeshadows I used for this series of looks. I'm just building on the base look to create bolder looks, so it's pretty easy and fast.

I start off with my MAC 239 brush and sweep a mixture of Makeup Geek's White Lies and Mai Tai eyeshadows just under my brow and onto my brow bone as a highlight.

Using the same MAC 239 brush (after wiping it off on a paper towel) I pat on Makeup Geek's Cocoa Bear eyeshadow all over the lid and into the crease. I also use this same brush to sweep it under my lower lash line.

Now using my MAC 217 blending brush I blend out edges of Cocoa Bear. I do this by blending it up in little circles and sweeping it from side to side. I do this under my lower lash line as well.

After curling your lashes, add some mascara. I'm just using CoverGirl LashBlast in Very Black for this look, but you can obviously use whatever mascara you love right now. CoverGirl mascaras have been some of my favorite drugstore mascaras for years now, so I always tend to have one around.

So this is a regular, everyday look for me. I usually do this look when I either don't really feel like glamming it up, or I don't have time to. I did this look a lot when I was on vacation.

To build on this look, I'll usually add liner to make it bolder. I'm just adding a winged liner with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Creme Color in Jet with my MAC 263 brush. You can totally stop here if you want. Sometimes I do if I want something just a bit bolder than my regular look, but not as bold as I'm about to make it.

To make this look even more bold, I add some of my MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Definedly Black to my waterline and blend it into my lower lash line. I blend some Cocoa Bear into the lower lash line's liner with my MAC 239 brush just to smudge it out a bit, too. I usually do this look when I want my eyes to really pop, and it only adds a few minutes to the routine.

This is the bold liner look. I tend to do this when I want something a lot more dramatic than the everyday look, but I don't want to add a lot of time to my routine. It's a super easy-way to build a more dramatic look onto the first.

And for the most dramatic version of this look, all you have to do is add some false lashes. You can obviously use whatever lashes are your favorites. Different lashes will definitely give off a different look. I opted for my Nubounsom Bella Lashes because I wanted it to be pretty dramatic.

Although I loved using these Makeup Geek shadows, when you want to create bolder looks you can always just start with whatever shadows are part of your everyday look and add some liner and/or lashes. Oh — and since someone usually asks, I'm wearing the Koko K Kylie Lip Kit on my lips.

  • Have you used Makeup Geek products? What's your favorite?
  • How do you typically build on your everyday look for a more dramatic look?
  • What's your favorite eyeshadow to use daily?