LOTW: How To Layer Your Blush For A Brand New Look

Are you in a blush rut? This will perk you right up.
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February 5, 2015
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I think blush is the most under-appreciated workhorse in my makeup arsenal. I wear it every day, which is probably why I recently fell into a blush rut. After playing around with a few new, different, and subtle ways to change up my routine, I landed on these three layering techniques.

1. Matte + Shimmer

Aside from Milani Baked Blushes, I have a hard time finding shimmer blushes that don’t read too glittery or like a highlight on me. But I love the way a shimmery blush or highlight layered on top of a matte blush looks.

HOW-TO: I start by sweeping a little of the shimmery shade on my cheeks, from apple to hairline, and then top it with my matte blush. Then I go in with the shimmer again and dust it from hairline to mid-cheek, so as not to get too much shimmer on the center of my face.

2. Cream + Powder

I don’t really own a lot of cream blushes since I have such oily skin, but I like to pair the few that I have with powder for extra staying power and a little added intensity and dimension.

HOW-TO: I use my fingers to apply cream blush to my cheeks, starting behind the apples and blending toward the hairline. With my blush brush, I glide a little powdered blush on the apples of my cheeks, just past where I started applying the cream blush.

3. Light + Dark

Another look I like is a light blush color graduated into a dark one. I’m not talking about a hard core gradient thing, just a nice subtle building of color.

HOW-TO: With my blush brush, I sweep the darker shade from mid-cheek to hairline. Then I go over it with the lighter shade, extending the strokes further in to the apples of my cheeks. I do this to avoid harsh lines where the two colors meet, and also to create subtle dimension.

Judging by last week's LOTW comments, I'm not the only one playing with my look! Here are three of my favorite commenter LOTWs.

  • Do you wear blush every day? Are you bored?
  • What are your favorite blush shades/products?

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