MAC x Maleficent: Makeup For The Killer Fairy Queen In You

A review of this most glamorously evil MAC collection, and a Maleficent-inspired makeup look fit for a classic Disney Villain (and Angelina Jolie).

I’m pretty bad at seeing movies. Blame growing up in towns without movie theaters, but sitting in a dark room full of strangers and staring at a screen? I can think of better things to do with my time. Like sit in my house and stare at a screen. What can I say? I’m a TV girl.

But when a movie comes out that stars Angelina Jolie (!) as an evil fairy (!!) with incredibly sharp cheekbones (!!!), you KNOW that I’m going to beat down the door to go and see it. Maleficent looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous retelling of a classic Disney movie. And then, oh wait a minute, it also has a makeup line inspired by the titular glamorous witch? And it's by MAC?

This couldn’t scream “ALLE” harder if it tried.

I am already a sworn MAC girl. They consistently make the best products, have the most creative and gorgeous visuals, and hire the very best people to represent them. So when a big box showed up at my doorstep, FULL of the Maleficent collection, my excitement can perhaps be imagined.

I decided to give you guys a complete run-down of the products that I was sent, then use them to create a gorgeous, Maleficent-inspired makeup look.

Let’s start with the product reviews, because man, are they ever beauties.

Opinion has been split on the Maleficent packaging--some people like it, other people feel like more could have been done with it. I am in the former category. Much as I love all things over the top, I really enjoy minimalist packaging. I like this design much better than I liked the Villains collection; it’s a beautiful fusion between the art direction of the movie and the streamlined MAC aesthetic.

So, how did I like all of this cool stuff? Not to ruin anything for you, but I LOVED IT.

Maleficent Eyeshadow x4

The eyeshadow quad was the Maleficent-inspired product that I was the MOST excited about. I love a good useable neutral palette and from what I could see, this fit the bill.

The four shades, three of which are available individually, are Goldmine (a shimmery yellow-gold), Brown Down (a warm matte brown), Concrete (a matte light grey-brown) and Carbon (one of my personal favorites, it’s a true matte black).

MAC eyeshadows are the top of the line. They blend beautifully, wear impeccably, and the color payoff is amazing. This palette combines four basic yet incredibly versatile shades to create a quad that I can see becoming an essential in almost any makeup case. The best part is, I can see these shadows working on a wide range of skin tones. What’s not to love about that?

Maleficent Beauty Powder

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to use this product. It was the right shade for my skin, but it had a very strong peachy-pink tint. Not powder foundation, then, I said to myself.

But used with a fluffy brush, lightly dusted all over my face? It is beautiful. It gives a slightly warmer tone to my skin without looking drastically different from the un-powdered skin on my neck. I thought that it might have a very subtle shimmer to it, but I wasn’t sure; either way, it gave my skin a luminous, lit-from-within finish--very Old Hollywood.

Because the Maleficent line only features one shade of this powder, 003, I can see this being used as a blush (for the very fair) or a contour highlight (for the deeper complected). I love products that can be used for multiple purposes, don’t you?

Maleficent Sculpting Powder

Much as it bums me out to admit it, I did not have time to become a prosthetics master before writing this article, and so I will not be duplicating the razor-sharp cheekbones Angelina sports in the movie.

This powder, though, is definitely the next best thing.

*choirs of angels singing*

If you’re fair to medium complected and have been looking for a contouring product, RUN OUT AND GET THIS. I’m not even kidding. It’s amazing.

This taupe shade is brilliant. I’ve tried a lot of products that promise to give natural looking definition to cheekbones, but nothing that works as well as this. The shade is a truly neutral light to medium brown, and so sheer that blending is a dream. But don’t read “sheer” and think I mean “invisible”--this powder is CONCENTRATED. You only need a tiny amount on your brush to create amazing shadows (and I do mean a tiny amount).

But we’ll see more of the cheekbones this powder can create later.

The Lip Colors

Oh man, these are amazing. What’s more, they totally weren’t what I was expecting.

The lipstick in True Love’s Kiss was hands down my favorite. This may be my favorite new color from MAC in a long time.

The lipstick has the traditional creamy formula and semi-vanilla smell that we all know and love from MAC. It’s a pleasure to apply, doesn’t feather (even without lip liner) and lasts like a dream. I was expecting this to be an incredibly bright, candy-apple red... but True Love’s Kiss is actually a very vampy yet wearable shade of medium red.

Truly, it’s gorgeous. Because it’s an oh-so-slightly cool red, it’s flattering on everyone. And since it’s such a pretty medium shade, you can wear it day or night without feeling over (or under) done. There’s even a very slight shimmer to it, which really gives it added depth and interest. This lipstick is sold-out in a lot of places, but I hear it will be restocked quite soon!

The Pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium surprised me, too. Generally I dislike colored glosses because I don’t feel that the stickiness-to-color ratio is really worth it, but this excels on both fronts.

As you can see, Anthurium is intensely pigmented! This is the candy apple red that I imagined the lipstick would be, but I like it far better in this incredibly glossy finish. The Lipglass formula is a teeny bit sticky, but I really only noticed that when I first applied it. It wears comfortably and without drying, and it doesn’t bleed and smudge all over your mouth. It will still transfer off a little bit, but far less than other glosses that are THIS shiny.

I mean, look at it.

And that’s just by itself. Wait until you see it over the lipstick.

The Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Kiss Me Quick was the perfect complement to both of these colors. The slightly warm red allowed me to enhance my natural lip line to truly Joliesian proportions, without looking like a beauty school dropout.

The liner went on so smoothly. I barely had to apply any pressure on the pencil to get the line around my mouth. And man, this stuff lasts like CRAZY. If one wore this under their lipstick, it would likely stay immaculate for days.

But of course, it isn’t enough for me to just tell you about these products. I took some inspiration from Maleficent herself to create a fearsomely beautiful makeup look.


I don’t have a horned headdress. Sad but true. In lieu of that, I wanted a sleek hairstyle that kept the focus on my face. I wet and slicked back my hair with a small comb, sealing it with hairspray. My ponytail was curled up at the base of my neck in a teeny bun.

I applied light foundation, concealer where necessary, and then set everything with a light coat of Beauty Powder on my fluffiest brush. This really gave my skin an otherworldly glow.

Next, I applied Sculpting Powder under my cheekbones. My best and most foolproof way to do this is to suck in your cheeks like you’re making a fish face, then lightly brush the dark powder underneath to really make your zygomas look like they could cut glass. Don’t forget to blend well!

I skipped blush altogether, but I did think that this look needed some shine--like the light of some far-off star was shining upon me. I ran my go-to shimmer powder, MAC Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk, down the bridge of my nose, up and across in a fanlike shape on my forehead, along the very tops of my cheekbones, and along the Cupid’s bow of my lips.


As always, it’s the eyes that made me really happy.

I began with a long, straight line of liquid eyeliner across my top lashline. I extended this well past the outer corner of my eye in a flat wing. I did the same thing along the bottom, too--beginning the line about three-quarters across and extending the line all the way out.

Then I applied Goldmine to the inner third of my eyelid, near the tear duct. I blended it into Brown Down, which I applied in a curvy C shape to the middle of my lid. Finally, I used Carbon to create a long, dramatic crease and dark outer corner. Because I wanted to mimic Angelina Jolie’s long eyes as much as I could, I took this out further than I normally would, following the line of my liquid liner. After I’d blended, I added a teeny bit more Goldmine onto the top of my Carbon wing, so you could see a hint of gold shine when my eyes were open.

I smudged the line underneath my eye with a bit of Carbon, concentrating mainly on the center and leaving the long tail quite defined. I wanted this to look like spears coming out of a black cloud. Next, I ran a smidge more Goldmine around my tear duct and joined it up with the rest of the liner. I’m a big fan of this gold; it makes my eyes look extra green.

I lined my waterline with white kohl to make my eyes seem extra big and applied two coats of mascara to my lashes. You can definitely apply falsies here; I tried, but I wasn’t able to do it. My hands were shaking too much. Being sick is no fun.

Finally, the brows. I wanted a very high, angular shape like Maleficent has in the movie, so I got really nuts with them. I dampened an angled brush and used Brown Down from the eye shadow quad to draw in dramatic, high-arched brows.

I used a shimmery white shadow to highlight underneath the arch, which also helped conceal my visible brow hairs. If you want to REALLY hide yours, you could cover them up with a glue stick.

And then my eyes were done!

Fit for a fairy warrior queen, don’t you think?


I outlined my lips with the Kiss Me Quick lip pencil, making sure to exaggerate the shape of my kisser a little bit. Then I filled it in with the True Love’s Kiss lipstick straight from the bullet, because who has time for a lip brush?

Because I wanted to look DEADLY glamorous, I finished up with a coat of Anthurium Lipglass. This made my lips as red as blood--and yes, I know I’m mixing my fairytales, but SERIOUSLY. Look how amazing this is!

One serving of serious attitude later, and are you ready to see the finished look?



You can get the truly amazing MAC Maleficent collection RIGHT NOW, and the movie--which I cannot wait to see--comes out on May 30th.

Have you checked out the Maleficent line at your local MAC counter yet? What’s your favorite piece? Hands up if you're loving the lipstick--I’m wearing it right now!

Anyone want to come see the movie with me? xoMaleficent party!