The Genius And Totally Improvised Way I'm Filling In My Brows

I'm custom-blending my brow filler--with eye shadow.
Publish date:
September 8, 2014
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I've used a plethora of products on my brows over the years: pencils, both thick and thin, and various eye shadows, brow powders, waxes, and gels have all helped me reach for arched brow perfection.

And I can't mention perfectly arched brows without referencing Alle's recent post on Doctor Who-inspired eyebrows. (Remember that? How could you forget? Sexy attack!) Alle's tutorial took a calculated approach, mine begins with an accident.

I was visiting my parents a few months ago and I forgot my usual brow powder. The horror! I wasn't about to go anywhere with naked, sparse eyebrows, so I used what I had: a couple pots of NARS Eye Paint. The color combo and long-wear formula worked so well that I've continued to use it as my go-to brow filler.

Here's how I mix the colors and use them to get my best brows ever.

I start by blending NARS Eye Paint in Mesopotamia (chocolate brown) and Transvaal (a wet, cement­-like gray). You can use a dampened brush, such as Lise Watier's Double-Ended Angled Brush, to blend them right there in the cap.

The brown of Mesopotamia helps match my dark hair and the gray of Transvaal acts as a shadow and lightens the brown to create my perfect shade.

Once my brush is well-coated with the blend, I begin by applying it at the arch. I do this for two reasons: so I can blend the color outward in both directions, and so the edges are soft rather than harsh.

Then I drag the color out into the general shape I want and gently etch in that outline.

When I'm satisfied that everything has been filled in, I use the spoolie at the other end of my brush to make sure my brow hairs are neat. I also further soften the color at the edges.

And that's how I do it! What do you use to fill in your brows? Do you pluck them? If so, how often? I hadn't plucked mine in about a year until recently--now I'm starting to wish I hadn't!