How To Fill In Your Brows For A Bolder Look

New year, new brow routine, right?

Up until a couple of years ago, the thought of filling in my brows seemed ludicrous. Why would I want to add another step to my routine? Then the brow boom swept the beauty world and I totally followed.

Up until recently, I only filled in my brows with powder, but I decided that I wanted to go bolder for the New Year.

My brows are naturally pretty crazy so I get them waxed periodically to keep the shape clean. Even though they get a little wacky, my brow hair is actually pretty fine and can look a little sparse in areas.

For my new 2015 brow routine, I'm using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate.

This product has the consistency of a gel liner (I’ve actually used it as such) and it gives my brows definition and hold without looking too harsh.

I start by dipping an angled brush (my favorite is from e.l.f.'s Studio Brush line) into the pomade a couple of times and then tapping it into the lid to remove excess gel. Then I lightly line the underside of my brows to even and define the shape.

The hair on my right brow doesn’t really grow in one spot, so I also line the top of that one lightly to even it out. Then I take a clean spoolie and blend the bottom liner upward into the hairs above to fill in the front section of my brow. Dipping and tapping my brush again, I use short, feathery strokes to fill out the arch through the tail, alternating depositing color and brushing it out with the spoolie.

I continuously check the mirror to make sure that my brows are as even as possible (remember, sisters, not twins) and add pomade as needed. When I’m done my brows look bolder, but not Muppet bold.

I love the difference bolder brows make in the appearance of my makeup. It’s like night and day, and I feel naked without them!

And finally! Here are my favorite reader looks from last week...

  • Do you prefer natural or bold brows?
  • How do you fill yours in?

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