How To Fake Bold Lily Collins Brows

For babely, big brows are the best brows.
Publish date:
November 11, 2013
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I haven't always loved a bold brow. I mean, being a teen in the early 2000s was not a great time for eyebrows. I envy the teens now who can look to Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and even our own Annie for full, beautiful brow inspiration.

Nope, Tweezerman in hand, I idolized the Drew Barrymores, Gwen Stefanis and Kate Mosses of the world. Not that these ladies aren't majorly babe-a-licious, but they were also victims of '90s thin brow syndrome.

As I got to my later teen years, I graduated to threading, and got them threaded by the same woman who did all the high school girls' eyebrows at eight bucks a pop. She was good; I mean, my brows were groomed and arched at the right place, but they were thin.

Sadly, my eyebrows never quite regained their eighth grade fullness, but that doesn't mean I won't try to fake 'em once in a while. Especially after seeing the autumn-perfect look on the gorgeous Lily Collins, above.

Using my Anastasia Beauty Express for Brow and Eyes, I outlined the shape of my new eyebrow. You can use an angled brush and any matte dark brown powder, depending on your hair colour. I like this kit because it comes with two shades of brown.

Then I filled it all in.

Using an angled brush dipped in MAC Brow Set in Beguiling, I began to randomly stroke in fake brows. Then I used the spoolie brush to brush the eyebrows down, instead of up, to make them look thicker than they actually are.

With my finger, I coated my upper eyelid in Bobbi Brown's Stone up to the crease.

I lined my eyes with black pencil liner and used some fake outer lashes.

To me, a bold brow deserves a bold lip, so I went with a mixture of various lipsticks to create a dark wine colour--not unlike this one, but minus the gloss.

I think this look is pretty wintery, so perfect with a beanie.

It is a bit intense, but good when you want to switch it up a bit.

What do you think? Bit much? Do you bulk up your brows on the regular? I can never wear this with glasses, otherwise it all goes very Bert and Ernie chic.