Jewel Tone Drama: This is Your Party Face for Fall

Why choose between playing up your eyes or your lips?
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September 14, 2015
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When it comes to wearing bold makeup shades, the rule of thumb is to focus the drama on just one feature—the eyes or the lips—and to keep the other relatively soft, light or nude-colored. I normally follow that rule, but this long, brutal, airconditoner-less summer has forced me to limit my options to a very natural look—as in, not playing up anything really—for purely practical reasons (and because smoky eyeshadow looks good on eyelids, not dripping down your face).

As you can imagine, I’m itching to experiment with color, so I’m planning to do so in a very big way: by playing up both my eyes and lips in rich jewel tones the moment September finally starts to feel like September (I write this on a September day that reached 90 degrees. NINETY DEGREES).

I’m really excited, everybody! It’s like I’m preparing for a party. A makeup party. Aaaand you’re all welcome to throw the same one. Here’s how:


I went ahead and put on foundation and concealer and did my eyebrows. However, because this look requires several shadows (and I did have some fallout issues that required cleanup), you may want to do your base last.


Begin by applying a pale, neutral shadow on the area above your crease and below your brow bone.

Next, sweep a matte maroon shade (Aubergine from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette) on your mobile lid and extend it past your crease. There’s no need to load up your brush again for the second part since you’re trying to achieve a light, fuzzy effect around the edges.

Using a fluffy brush, apply a taupe shadow in the area above your crease and below your brow bone to soften the maroon.

Pat shimmery purple shadow (Urban from the Urban Decay Electric Palette) on the outer half of your mobile lid.

Then, define your entire crease and outer V using a crease brush dipped in reddish brown shadow (Unbridled from the LORAC Unzipped Palette). When you’re done, make circular motions with the brush to extend the outer V closer to the tail of your eyebrows.

Apply the same reddish brown shadow on the outer half of your lower lash line in a thin line.

With a flat brush, apply turquoise shadow (Fringe from the Urban Decay Electric Palette) to your tear ducts and the inner half of your mobile lid. The turquoise should slightly overlap with the purple.

Using the same turquoise shade, line the inner half of your lower lid as well.

Finally, line your waterline with black pencil liner, add mascara to your lashes, and do any needed cleanup of the area with a concealer brush dipped in foundation.


For equally dramatic lips, swipe on a rich, brownish-red lip color like Mehron L.I.P. Cream in Cherrywood and add a high-shine clear gloss on top. The brown tones help make this more of a vampy look, but you can go for a brighter red for a more playful effect.


Keep your cheeks simple (because even I draw the line at playing up all three main features) by brushing on a peachy-pink blush like Cargo Blush in The Big Easy.

The Finished Look

  • What’s your favorite jewel tone?
  • What makeup look or trend are you dying to try for fall?