You Asked: How Can I Handle Rude Comments About My Makeup?

Dealing with jerks and bullies (of all ages) just got a whole lot easier.
Publish date:
February 10, 2014
confidence, bullies, mean people, rudeness

It’s my favourite part of the week: VIDEO TIME! If for whatever reason you can’t see the embedded video, you can watch it on YouTube here. Let’s get straight to it!

To our younger readers (and viewers): If a rudeness situation gets out of hand and crosses into bullying territory, PLEASE reach out to someone--parents, a teacher, guidance counselor, whoever you’re most comfortable with. If those people aren’t helping you for whatever reason, you can find bunch of resources for groups WORLDWIDE that will be able listen and provide guidance HERE.

And I am sure our commenters can suggest more if you need them.

Please keep the questions coming, guys! I love hearing from you. Submit them in the comments, Twitter, or Facebook. Please don’t send any actual carrier pigeons. I don’t have a dovecote to put them in, and Oliver might get upset if he had to share his crate.

So how do you guys deal with rude comments about your makeup? Tell me everything.