How To Apply Your Makeup Before Sunrise During A Power Outage

Stuck in pitch-darkness but still need to make your face presentable? I'm gonna show you how to do it!
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April 1, 2013
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I've gotten a lot of requests for different video tutorials, but none so much as this:

Dear Marci,

I have to wake up really early for my job, and my power company is really unreliable. How can I do my makeup when I can't see even an inch in front of me, or if I happen to visit an Amish sect of that one part of Alaska that doesn't see daylight for, like, half a year?

Your biggest fan,


Amazingly all the requests were worded exactly like that. I'm starting to think it was just one person with multiple email addresses.

Anyway, the video tutorial you've been begging for is finally here: