One Eye Shadow Trio, Two Summertime Looks

One product. Three colors. Two tutorials (Stila's way and Alle's way).
Publish date:
June 16, 2014
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In the cooler weather, I love having an elaborate beauty routine. Something about curling my hair and getting creative with my eyeshadow just feels RIGHT as the leaves turn and I switch out my ballet flats for boots.

But in the summer, I’m looking for any shortcuts to simplify my routine. I don’t want to spend one extra minute indoors applying my makeup, because it’s summer, and that means SUNSHINE.

Enter the Stila Eye Shadow Trio, aka my new favorite product and the only eyeshadow that you’re going to need this summer.

*choir of angels singing*

These three eyeshadows are the only colors I’ve been wearing on my eyes for weeks now, and it’s the only eye makeup other than mascara that I took with me on vacation. Since I err on the side of “over-prepared” when I pack, that is the highest endorsement that I can give it. It’s THAT brilliant.

Rose Gold Glow, pictured above, is one of three in Stila's trio line, with the other two being Bronze Glow and Gold Glow. Each has the same basic structure: a light, medium, and darker shade sharing one hard compact with a twist-off lid. The pinkish tones in the Rose Gold trio work incredibly well at bringing out the green in my eyes, and the awesome variety of neutrals throughout the line means that every skin tone and eye color will find a shade that looks gorgeous on them.

If you’ve used a baked mineral eyeshadow before, you probably know what to expect from the formula: it’s sheer without being powdery, long lasting, highly pigmented, and blends like a dream. Stila excels at making shadows that are shimmery without looking cheap; these shades have a beautiful, subtle radiance, rather than looking like a glitter bomb went off in your face at a One Direction concert.

And even better, you can also apply these colors wet for a whole new dimension of awesomeness.

I know that some of you also like to swirl your brush around in these palettes to get all the colors mixed together. I am far too Type A for this, but in case you are not, here are all three shades as one:

The thing I like the best about these shades is how versatile they are. I can use a single sweep of the Champagne across my lids and I’m done, or dampen a narrow brush and use the burgundy as a great eyeliner. Applying the Taupe lightly creates a subtly enhanced crease; a heavier application gives me an amazing neutral base for smoky eyes. I can even use the Champagne color to highlight atop my cheekbones, down my nose, and across my Cupid’s bow, which is what I did in this article!

When I was thinking about ways to put these shadows into action, I realized that the way I’ve been wearing it and the way you’re “supposed” to wear it are two really different things. But then I realized that can be quite instructional--showing off the recommended way to use these harmonizing colors, then the way that I’ve found works best for me. Because experimenting and doing your own thing is what it’s all about!

When you see three shades together like this, I want you to automatically think “Highlight, shadow, midtone.” Because that’s more or less what the company intends them to be used for.

Midtone: This is generally a medium shade designed to mimic a little bit of shadow on the eyelid, but mostly to enhance eye color.

Highlight: This is a light color which enhances where light naturally falls on the face.

Shadow: This is the darkest color that's used to create depth.

It doesn't matter that these three shades are touching, rather than being in split up in a palette. This is how you're meant to use them.

How To Apply Stila's Rose Gold Glow Eye Shadow Trio:

Stila's Way: First, apply the Taupe (the medium shade) across your eyelid, up to your crease. Then apply the Champagne (the lightest shade) from your crease up to your eyebrow. Blend the two shadows together where they meet.

Next we use the darkest shade to create shadows. Run it along your crease (if you have one, along your orbital bone if you don’t) and out from the outer corner a little. Blend well.

Because this dark shade is also designed to be used as an eyeliner, I dampened my brush and ran a little burgundy under my lower lash line, joining it up with some more of the light shade encircling my tear duct.

A little mascara on my top and bottom lashes, and I am done!

This is a pretty look, and it’s definitely a good place to start from.

But the way that I’ve been using it is a little different.

Alle’s Way: First, I apply the Champagne highlight all over my eye, from lash line to eyebrow. This light shade is pretty much the same color as my skin, but I use a very sheer application anyway.

Next, I use the Taupe shade to enhance my crease, joining it at the outside with a short, upward line. I blend well, because of course I do.

Next, I take a thin brush, dampen it, and run a line of the darkest Burgundy shade along my upper lash line and about three-quarters of the way under my lower lashes. I flick it out a teeny bit at the outside corner, because cat eyes are what I do. I blend this with a bit of dry shadow so that I don’t have any harsh lines.

Finally, I take a damp brush and my highlight shade again, dabbing a little of it at the center of my eyelid, under my eyebrows, and around my tear duct. The dampening of this Champagne shade makes it far more intense, creating a super metallic highlight.

With a little mascara, here’s my finished product!

This takes me under five minutes to do, and it’s perfect for summer days and nights.

Okay, everyone, let’s talk. Which of these looks do you like better? What’s your favorite summertime makeup routine? Anyone else discover a life-changing-timesaving beauty product lately?