You Asked: How Do You Get Your Lipstick So Perfect?

Today’s video (yay, video!) explores two foolproof ways to flawlessly apply your lip colour.
Publish date:
January 13, 2014
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Have I mentioned lately how I great I think you all are? Because I do. The last time I made a video, I asked you if you wanted me to make more in the future. And overwhelmingly, you said YES.

So, by popular demand: another VIDEO edition of my beauty advice column! Today I am answering a question about lipstick application.

For everyday wear: Straight from the bullet (:47).

For special occasions: With a brush (1:57).

Some extra advice:

If you’re going to use a brush for lipstick, don’t forget to take it with you to the Oscars for touch-ups, BUT be sure you put a cap or a piece of foil or SOMETHING over the tip before you throw it into your bag. For one thing, you don’t want the bristles to get bent or ruined. For another, you don’t want lipstick getting all over your life. That will never come out. TRUST ME.

To reduce your odds of getting lipstick all over your teeth, wipe the very inside of your lips off with a tissue before you leave the house. It’s not cute, but it’s effective.

If you’re still having a hard time with your lipstick application, maybe try a product that’s easier to apply. Like something in a chubby pencil, for instance, or a gloss with a doe-foot applicator. Those are super-easy! And like I said, don’t despair. Practice makes perfect.

And finally, the lipsticks I am wearing in this video are Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope Lipstick in Private Party (first, every day) and Burlesque Red Lipstick in Calamity Chang (second, going to the Oscars).

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