The Highlighter That Looks Good On Everyone

Shine bright--on all the right points of your face.
Publish date:
December 4, 2014
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More and more I find myself trying to keep my makeup minimal. I've figured out a way to do my eye makeup on the subway in a few minutes before work with just four products, and I've been keeping the rest of my face very simple with SPF, cream blush, and my ultimate all-star, RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer.

Created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, this creamy, dreamy highlighter launched a few years ago and has steadily built a loyal following of supermodels and beauty insiders.

Fans raved about its soft texture (thanks to a coconut oil and castor seed oil base), organic ingredients, and ultra-flattering shade. The natural antibacterial coconut oil keeps the formula fresh--but definitely wash your hands before applying if you're using your fingers, naturally.

Some highlighters are too yellow, too pink, too gray, too sparkly--or altogether too much. So Living Luminizer's opalescent, dewy sheen totally knocks out the competition. Yes, it has shimmer, but it's not overpowering.

With equal amounts of gold and silver pigments, as well as odd flecks of violet and green, the product adds brightness to every skin tone.

To prove Living Luminizer's power, I enlisted some pals as models. I applied LL to the tops of their cheekbones, up and around to their brow bones, on the inner corners of their eyes, down the bridge of their noses, and along the edge of their Cupid's bows. Both girls were impressed with the results, and we spent a good deal of time freaking out over how damn good their cheekbones looked.

If you have any plans to look gleamy and bright for holiday photos, I highly suggest you grab a jar of Living Luminizer, stat.

First up was my friend Lolin, who looked bright and beautiful after I quickly applied Living Luminizer to the points of her face. The application is foolproof--even after a few glasses of wine.

The next night, xoVain's own Zoe popped by to see my new apartment and get dabbed with LL's pearly goodness.

I decided to get in on the fun and threw on some LL, too. Despite not being a Victoria's Secret Angel (they're all fans), I felt pretty fab.

  • Have I convinced you to pick up a jar of Living Luminizer?
  • What other RMS Beauty products have you tried and loved?
  • What's your favorite highlighter? Where do you apply it? Any tricks?