You Asked... A Lot Of Questions About Blush!

I'm covering everything from colour selection to application and blending technique in this week's video, so you'll be a blush master in no time!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has been awesome. This week's video is about one of my favourite makeup items: powder blush!

Because this video is positively SATURATED with information, here are the pertinent points of interest (and a very quick summary of each).

"What colour blush is going to look good on me?" (0:20) The beginning of a Jane Austen joke; the only two blushes that you'll need are a cool-toned shade (pink or berry) and a warm-toned shade (peach, apricot, coral); allowing your complexion to be your guide; shade recommendations for light, medium and dark skin; my favourite blushes.

"When do I apply blush?" and "What kind of brush should I be using?" (2:07) Where blush fits in your makeup routine (after foundation and powder, before highlighter); what you want in a brush & what to avoid for maximum awesomeness.

"How do I apply powder blush so that it looks good?" and "HOW DO I BLEND?!" (3:08) Hooray for technique! An apples-to-temples gradient; little, quick strokes to apply, bigger circles to blend; Mr Darcy tells a saucy limerick.

"Highlighter after blush? HOW?" (4:16) More technique! The c-shape application method, plus lots of blending advice; my mirror makes a guest appearance.

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Tell me, guys: What are your favourite blushes? Are you a powder devotee like yours truly, or do you prefer another finish and formula? How do you pick colours? Do you have any other blush-related questions for me?