Thanks for Helping Me with My Blush Dilemma, Plus COTW!

You guys are the best.
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August 29, 2015
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Remember when I asked for advice on wearing blush last week? Boy, did you guys deliver.

I read through everyone's suggestions and decided to try some of them out. First, I switched from cream blush to a matte powder blush that's definitely more of a peachy-nude rather than my cheeks' natural pinkish red: Tarte's Unearthed, which is part of the Tarte Energy Noir Clay Palette.

Then I applied my foundation (skipping concealer) and gently applied the blush to my upper cheekbones, avoiding the apples of my cheeks. Some of you suggested stippling the blush on, but I don't have time for that; this is a very sheer blush, so stippling would probably take ages.

Then I tried two concealing methods that were suggested. First, I tried mixing a little concealer with the blush and then applying that to any spots on my cheeks. That worked well. Then I tried simply putting the concealer on wherever it was needed and touching up with a little bit more blush if necessary (with a very light hand). I think I prefer the latter, if only because I also don't have time to mix concealer and blush every day.

This was the final result:

I'm so happy to have finally figured out blush, thanks to all of you. I feel like it really makes my makeup look so much fresher and prettier.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "Michelle Tiffany Anderson" pretty much summed up what I would want out of a destination fragrance based on NYC (also spring and autumn, please--but a definite "hell no" to summer):

I would like different seasons of NYC. Like, I am not super interested in Summer - notes of piss with a base of hot garbage - but I would love Winter. The streets in NYC in the winter smell like Christmas trees and roasted chestnuts. I want that on my skin.

2. "Ari" has a good solution for nausea:

I've tried so many things to help with nausea because it's one of my most prevalent and daily symptoms w being chronically ill. Both ginger and minty gum have made a bit of a difference but something I've found recently knocks those out of the park- tangerine essential oil! I carry a little bottle with me everywhere and all you have to do is put a drop in your palms and inhale and I swear it's voodoo magic. Will definitely try this too! Never hurts to have multiple helpers.

3. "Ashley" is making me want to dye my hair red (when it grows out) with box dye:

I am a shameless box dye fan. I've never had a bad experience, my hair actually looks WAY better than when it was virgin, and I dye every four weeks. That being said, I've only used Garnier R3. It gives you a lot of dye for your money (I use one and a half bottles usually, and I have pretty long hair). It's much lighter on me than on the box, and I think that's because it's supposed to be for dark hair and I'm putting it on very very light ash brown.

4. "LeaningLeaning" has a good floral fragrance recommendation for those of you who like honeysuckle more than lilac:

We had big honeysuckle vines at the start of our driveway when I was growing up. I probably had a lot of near misses with cars while inhaling them, so beautiful and delicate. The honeysuckle in Viva La Juicy shows up a lot for me, but it's not the defining note. I do recommend Desiderata from Alkemia on etsy, it's a very green and crisp take on honeysuckle that I adore. You can get 5 samples (plus a bonus one) for $10.

5. "TraceFace" has me convinced that this would be a great scented candle for late summer/early fall:

A great "fall scent" that you can start using early (as in late Summer) is Sweater Weather by B&BW. Sooooo perfect. Smells cool and earthy and fall-ish.

6. And "NorthStar" made me laugh with their summer candle recs:

My local Target was clearancing a bunch of summer candles and I totally loaded up on, like, "Coconut Bliss," and "Watermelon Breeze," and "Pineapple Jizz," or whatever all those sickly sweet candles are. But my favorite summer candles are Illume for Anthropologie in the avocado mint and blueberry mint scents. They're like the hipsteriest mojitos ever.

Mmm, mojitos: my favorite summer drink. I'm going to miss those. I better go drink some mojitos right now.

  • What's your favorite summer drink? (It doesn't have to be boozy.)
  • Did you learn as much as I did about blush in the comments last Saturday?
  • What beauty dilemmas have been solved for you thanks to all of the awesome xoVain readers?