Quick Question: How Many Concealers Do You Wear?

Not over the course of a lifetime. I'm talking any given day. TODAY, even!

If someone were to make me choose only one makeup product to put on before I left the house (haha, "house"--apartment), I'd have a hard time choosing between mascara and concealer. But then I'd be morally obligated to choose mascara because I usually wear three concealers, and that would be cheating because I was told to pick ONE PRODUCT, MARCI.

The specific concealers I use alternate, mostly because so many come my way to try out; but I almost always use three different products at once. Currently, they are:

At any given time, I'll have some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation--redness from recently healed zits. So before I apply BB cream or foundation, I use the green-tinted Smooth Indulgence Redness Concealer to balance out the color. I let it dry and follow with whatever base I'm in the mood for (does anyone still say "base"?), making sure not to wipe the concealer away.

Next, I use the Quick-Fix Concealer to cover the really stubborn discolored spots. It's thick and matte, and blends easily, but I find its texture too heavy to work in dry and/or fine-lined areas like the corners of my mouth or under my eyes.

That's where Fake Up comes in. Definitely my new favorite concealer, it features creamy color in the middle of a balm, so it goes on super-moisturizing and never cakey. I'd usually use an illuminating twist-up pen under my eyes, but Fake Up has served my dark circles well while also making the inexplicably discolored corners of my mouth look less noticeable.

How about you? Today's QQ: How many concealers do you wear? And which ones?