3 Types of Products that Prove Using Makeup is Exactly Like Dating

If I were to set my Facebook relationship status with these products, it would be "It's complicated."
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July 31, 2015
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I treat makeup like I treat dating: by faking it, mostly. I pretend I’m put-together and know what I’m doing, but really, I’m a bumbling fool dressed in a person costume, learning as I go along.

Sometimes, it works. It's light, fun, and flawless like a great foundation that can be buildable and long-lasting. Other times, it doesn’t work and it’s expensive, exhausting, and causes me inflammation.

Makeup, like dating, is a lot of trial and errors. You browse your choices. You use a blush maybe once or twice, and then you’re over it. You can fall in love with a product and never want it to end. There are also the days when you’re just not feeling yourself, so you go to the drugstore to find a lip stain that compliments you to make you feel better. We all have those days; we’re human. No judgment.

There are also times where you hold on to makeup when it’s not really necessary, keeping beauty products on deck even though we hardly touch them. When I know I need to pitch a product, the process is very easy for me and there’s no attachment, no grief. But—BUT—there are three categories of products that are very difficult for me to get rid of, because, well... it’s complicated.

The “High School Crush”

I have makeup from high school that I have moved not only from one apartment to another but one state to another. Why? Why am I doing this? I don’t use it anymore, but I have it just in case. Like being Facebook friends with your high school boyfriend, so in a few decades you can private message him and be like, “Hey, remember we made that pact when we were fifteen that if we were both single in our 80s, we’d get married? Well, what’s good, boo?”

For me, it's CoverGirl Classic Color Blush in Soft Mink. My mom gave me this blush to practice with, and I’ve never been able to toss it. It has a special place in my little heart.

The “It Should Be Perfect in Theory”

I have makeup that I want to love so much, because a friend told me just how great it is and how I’ll never want to use another product after this one. They will set me up with this perfect primer, and my life will be forever “ahhhh-maazzinggg.” I’ll love it. They guarantee.

And then it makes me break out. My skin hates it. I hold on to it, though. I still use it occasionally. I try and force it to be a good match for my finicky face. It never works.

In my case, it's Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure. I use this only occasionally, for special events or photo projects, because, even though it's oil-free and intended for sensitive skin, my face breaks out with cystic acne if I use it on a regular basis.

The “Doesn’t Complement You Now, But Maybe One Day...”

Lipsticks. All of them. I love how they look on other people so much. I have never felt I could pull it off, though, whenever I try. I’m not who I am and I don’t feel confident or comfortable.

I just like them so much! I always think maybe the timing isn’t quite right yet, but the timing seems to never be right with those bad boys. But I can’t stop buying them. I have hope.

This is true of any type of lipstick ever made. I love lipstick. I love buying lipstick. I love the packaging, the feel, the ritual of putting on lipstick, but I’ve still never felt like myself when wearing or using lipstick. One day...

  • Do you all have all ride-or-die products? Or are some products in grey area status?
  • What products have you completely broken up with?
  • I tried to make a "makeup sex" and an "open relationship," but couldn’t make it work. Please feel free to in the comments.