4 Products That Cover Up My Angry Acne Scars

To celebrate Acne Awareness Month, I decided to break out really bad for you guys.

JK, it’s just bad luck. I tried out a BB cream from Skin 79 and it did not agree with my skin. I tested the product around the time of my normal hormonal breakout and mistook my skin's fury for typical PMS-induced pizza face. It wasn’t the worst breakout I’ve had, but it was pretty bad, and it left its mark(s). Le sigh.

As someone who puts her face on the Internet on a pretty regular basis, the situation was enough to make me feel very self-conscious. So I came up with this routine to help me feel better and look better. Let's start with the grisly before pictures.

Before Makeup:

How I Cover My Acne Scars:

I've been using Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser primer; it really smoothens my skin and creates a nice base for my concealer and foundation.

While my skin is healing and experiencing some ongoing breakouts, I've been using Murad Acne Treatment Concealer. It's a stick concealer with a consistency that's pliable and has real sticking power. I also appreciate that it has 2% salicylic acid, which helps to further dry up active pimples.

I applied the product directly from the tube on top of my primed face. Then I used a concealer brush to gently blend it into my skin.

Here's what my skin looks like after concealer:

As you can see, there's already quite an improvement in skin tone--and those red spots have diminished substantially.

Next comes foundation.

I’m absolutely enamored with Urban Decay's Naked Skin, which is an ultra-thin formula that gives maximum coverage. It doesn't feel cake-y, thick, or greasy, and it leaves my skin with an even, matte finish. It's a thin consistency--thinner than most foundations I use, in fact--and applies best when you use your fingers. I use about 3/4 of a pump when applying.

Finally, I apply a setting powder.

This step is to ensure all of the hard work I put into covering up my skin lasts throughout the day. I'm using Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder here.

After Makeup:

It’s not 100% perfect, but there’s enough improvement to make me feel way more comfortable in my skin! I hope that my recommendations help you out, as I know how frustrating and embarrassing acne and acne scars are.

What’s your routine for covering acne and acne scars? I'd love to hear about the products you use and see before and after pictures!