This Powder-to-Liquid Lip Tint is Blowing My Mind

Publish date:
June 10, 2016
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If you feel like you've been seeing the Touch in Sol brand everywhere lately, it's probably because you have. And personally, I keep writing about the products because a) I am obsessed with the Korean beauty and skincare market, and b) they make some legit, innovative products.

Like this super bizarre, blow-your-mind, "How the heck do you apply it?!" CHROMA Powder Lip Tint that starts out as a powder and morphs into a liquid on your lips.

The first time I unscrewed the cap and pulled out the applicator, creating a tiny cloud of red-orange dust in the air, my first thought was, That's weird. It's all dried out.

But PEOPLE. It comes that way.

The *~magic happens~* when you start applying it on your lips.

You apply CHROMA just like any other lip product, and no, you don't have to add any water to it in order for the powder to turn to liquid.

As you drag the applicator across your lips, it creates a sort of cooling sensation as the powder melts into a super-velvety, lightweight coat of color. Bonus: You only need one pass of color to get full opacity.

I was worried that the product would transfer easily or smear off, but true to a stain, it's kiss- and drink-proof. The only thing that disturbs it — which is common with any product — is licking your lips. I did this several times just to test it, and though one or two licks doesn't do much, several licks will make the product start to wear off.

Though seeing the transformation happen in real time is pretty damn cool, I think that the finished effect is even cooler. It's matte and it's dry, but it doesn't look or feel drying. As you can see from the picture, it looks soft and velvety, and almost has an airbrushed effect.

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