I Hated My Wedding Makeup And I Want A Redo!

Eighteenth century thespian was not the look I was going for...
Publish date:
May 30, 2014
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I got married almost two years ago. It was absolute hell. Okay, that’s a bit dramatic: it wasn’t fun to plan or execute, but I love-love-loved everyone in attendance. And the ceremony was just what we wanted, despite being held in a field of goose poop. They were Canada geese, if it makes any difference.

I did almost everything myself--cake, flowers, makeup, clean-up--and what I didn’t do was thrown together last-minute by a passel of goat-roped suckers, aka my best friends.

My poor relationship with time meant that I wasn’t even in my dress when people started showing up for the ceremony. So, like a complete rube, I spackled on cheap mineral foundation in the dimly lit bathroom.

The third trimester of my pregnancy had rendered my chin and jawline an eternally shiny moonscape, but the light was deliciously golden and I figured it’d be fine. “Whatever, it’s good enough.” is usually my mantra in these situations.

Then, right before the ceremony, clouds slid across the horizon. Goodbye, deliciously golden lighting. The wedding photographs resembled something out of the opening credits of The Walking Dead. Completely flat. My face, covered in poorly-matched mineral foundation, looked like a waxy banana moon-pie. Thank heavens for photo-retouching.

If I could go back to that day and fix something, it would be my makeup. I don’t care too much about my wedding portraits (my mother cares enough for the both of us), but 18th century thespian was not the look I was going for.

Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powders would have come in handy on my less-than-sun-splashed big day. According to the brand, the powder mimics flattering lighting, complements almost any skin tone, is paraben- and cruelty-free, and works wonders for hiding imperfections.

With colors like Ethereal Light, Luminous Light, and Diffused Light, I was curious to see if the powders lived up to the hype. And then, much to my delight, Hourglass sent me some samples to try.

Like most mineral powders, Hourglass powders use extra teeny-tiny particles to diffuse light rather than reflect it. However, I’ve purchased several other so-called "light diffusing" finishing powders before and they’ve always been garish and way too sparkly. I have some redness around my nose and some gaping pores that I’d like to minimize, not highlight, thank you.

Is it airbrush in a compact? Just about. The powder gives buildable coverage and there's no wrong way to apply it. While it doesn't cover major blemishes, it does soften wrinkles and blotchiness better than any other product I've used. And because it has such a fine texture, it doesn't settle into fine lines and pores.

The slightly yellow Diffused Light shade was my favorite. It decreases redness, tones down shine (without mattifying), and lends a certain silkiness.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup and I love products that pull double-duty, so this is a win. Even the lavender-toned Mood Light somehow worked on me.

I also tried Hourglass blush in Diffused Heat. It’s very subtle and it reminds me of Physicians Formula’s Baked Blush, but without all of the shimmer. It's also buildable and the color is peachy and natural.

Let's talk packaging: I’m rough on cosmetic containers, and while I like loose powder, the screw-top pots sometimes come undone and leak product in my bag. These pressed powders come in sturdy little compacts with a nice size mirror. They’ve stood up to my carelessness for over a month now.

Was I crazy to wing it with my wedding makeup? Have you tried these or other light diffusing mineral powders?