The Best Blood-Red Lipstick For Horror Movie Diehards

Because sometimes you want to look like you just took a bite out of someone.
Publish date:
August 16, 2013
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I love horror. I consider it one of the best genres out there, and plenty of my favourite films fit the bill. I especially like really over-the-top horror, complete with fake guts, gore, and loads of "they're-not-even-trying" fake blood.

One of my favourite instances of this is the visual fun-fest that is Suspiria, directed by Dario Argento and released in 1977. It's full of bright colours, stunning architecture, outrageous death scenes, ballerinas, maggots, German shepherds and witches. And the blood in it? Completely ridiculous. It's near-neon, thick and paint-like and doesn't even closely resemble the stuff that pumps through a normal human being's veins.

AND I LOVE IT. It's the perfect colour, and the perfect inspiration for stuff to put on your face.

I mean, it's not normal to walk around covered in fake blood (which I take issue with, because I think it would be really funny, but APPARENTLY society wouldn't be a fan of it--whatever!) So, I've taken my adoration for terrible fake blood and I've channeled it into my mouth.

Urban Decay seems to be on the same page, because their Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color pencil in F-Bomb is the ultimate blue-toned, shiny, richly pigmented shade of red that seems perfectly tailored for horror fans and regular beauty babes alike.

I like to apply it freshly sharpened for precise lines, fill in and blot, and repeat for colour that lasts all day. Blotted down, it has a nice matte finish, but if you prefer the slick, gloss finish of a puddle of faux-blood, layer it for a creepy glint.

Now, can we talk about the best beauty moments in horror? Because Mia's pixie in Rosemary's Baby is obviously a no-brainer, but what about Olga from the aforementioned Suspiria painting her nails (red!) amongst the most amazing wallpaper?