Heterochromia: I'm Starting A Different-Colored Eyes Beauty Trend

Wearing mismatched contact lenses looks surprisingly sexy.
Publish date:
May 31, 2013
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Hello. Hello. Hello. If you've noticed, I've been pretty absent lately. The truth is, I've been kind of uninspired about makeup as of late and couldn't bring myself to write something boring because I felt you guys deserved better. Sometimes you just fall into a beauty slump, ya know? Happened to me.

Anyway, I was desperately looking for something to spice up my look. Getting my hair done was just not doing it for me anymore, and I didn't want to do anything drastic to my hair, anyway. I'm not ready for that kind of transition yet--not different cut, nor different color.

One night, I was at my friend's place, and I noticed she had a set of blue contacts. She said I was welcome to try them on if I wanted.

Obviously, I immediately started to try and get them into my eyes. I managed one, but the other just would not go in. After a 15 minute fight with my right eye trying to force the contact to stay in, I gave up. My eye won.

I was about to take the other lens out when I noticed: this look is killing 'em.

As we discussed, my natural eye color is green, which I love, but I personally find limiting to my eye makeup choices. For example, I love wearing green, but green makeup never really worked for me. But what if I messed around and put in a brown contact?

I know what you're thinking: Why not just wear brown contacts? Because that's just not good enough for me. I like going against the grain, and I like to stand out and kind of shock people.

I've always found heterochromia absolutely beautiful. It's a trait that's ought to be celebrated more. There's an actress I used to find kind of bland, but once I saw she had two different-colored eyes, I became mesmerized. I need to have this look.

The good people at Acuvue not only set me up with an optometrist for a fitting, but they also hooked me up with an assortment of colored contacts, Acuvue 2 Colours. I went with Honey, Aqua and Blue (a sapphire blue). I really wanted dark almond, but Dr. Resnick refused to give them to me because apparently they washed out my face. We all need an honest friend like that in our lives.

I was so excited that I immediately started rifling through my makeup drawer to start putting looks together, but then I realized, having two different colored eyes is a look in itself. You don't really need to mess around with makeup too much.

As for the response, well, I'm kind of loving it. I'm mixing it up regularly. I love that the effect is subtle yet jarring once someone realizes you have two different colored eyes. Some guys have found it "freaky," but most found it totally sexy.

But what I really love is that it opens a whole palate of new colors I never dreamed possible for my eyes. (My new favorite look also derailed a comment thread on another article.)

So far, my favorite mix is one blue eye and one green. I'm on the lookout for violet, so if you guys know of a brand that makes violet lenses, do let me know. It's a color I definitely want to add into the rotation.

For my one-blue-eye look, I like to play around with browns and golds. I'm also looking for a good coral, or peach. I was actually thinking about using a little peach blush as shadow.

But honestly, I like doing the California girl Kate Bosworth thing: some light bronzer swiped with a large brush across the forehead, eyes, along cheekbones and under the jaw line. Add some light-wear mascara, lip balm and a splash of Marchesa perfume. Blush, optional.

When I'm feeling like a brown contact, I bust out neon green liquid liner. I also love lining just my bottom lids; neutral on top.

As for aqua and green, I'm all about warmer golds and yellows--such a pretty look. I'm still exploring my options (it's a whole new world) so stay tuned for updates.

Would you try this mixing up your eye color? I really love it. Do you have any color combo suggestions?