These $5 Hard Candy Lip Glosses Are Straight Out of Your '90s Dreams

Much gloss, so glitter.
Publish date:
May 29, 2015
90s, glitter, retro, shimmer, lip gloss, hard candy

You remember Hard Candy, right? One of the most coveted cosmetic brands of the late '90s and early '00s, particularly known for its trendy nail polishes? Who could forget?

Well, the cosmetic company is still going strong, and is sold exclusively at Walmart.

Their Fierce Effects Lip Gloss collection features major glitter, major shine, and major flashbacks to the '90s. Seriously, every single color I generously swatched onto my lips sent me back to my Spice Girls, glitter-everywhere youth-hood.

Each gloss is just goopy enough, and the colors range from super-intense (the red and pink!) to ultra-sheer (the brown and mauve!). The best part is that these bad boys are only $5 a pop, which basically means you have to buy one of everything.

Fused with argan and citrus oils, these glosses have a thinner consistency than MAC Lip Glass (those were totally a hit in the '90s and '00s, too, remember?), and they apply very easily. The wand is a thin, paintbrush-style applicator that makes for more precise application.

As for staying power, it's about what you'd expect from a lip gloss. If you're drinking coffee or eating, it's bound to wear off quickly. However, if you're just wandering along, they stay put. And as always, do be careful of windy days, darling.

Candy Baby

This baby pink gloss screams (whimpers?) Britney Spears circa "Baby One More Time," no? It's sheer, but has enough of a creamy pink tint to make a statement.

Sheer Coconut

This one is literally just clear gloss with a hearty supply of iridescent glitter. I feel like we limit ourselves when it comes to wearing glitter like this, so let's all make a concerted effort to wear more glitzy stuff on our lips, OK? Also, would it be gross if I nicknamed this one Tinkerbell Snot?

Plum Diva

This purplish plum color has the slightest hint of brown to it, which sends it right into '90s territory, yet again. It's a pretty color for nighttime and will wear well into the fall.

Just Go

If you're looking for a glitter-packed lip gloss that's slightly golden, here's a winner. It's seriously loaded with glitter, and it kind of feels like a gloopy tube of magic and whimsy.

Pussy Cat

I'm digging this bright pink gloss for spring and summer, especially. It's one of the more pigmented glosses in the collection, and it does have a slight staining quality to it.

As If

Oh man, the '90s is super-strong with this one. We've got it all: the shimmer, the frost, and that weird brown-meets-pink-meets purple (OK, mauve). Where would you wear it?


This juicy red may be my favorite of the bunch, but I'm biased because red is definitely one of my go-to's. Like all the glosses, it's ultra-wet. It's certainly one of the most pigmented, if not the most pigmented, from the collection.

Black Rose

I'm digging the ambiguity of this gloss. Is it sheer or is it pigmented? Is it pink or is it purple? And the depth and texture it creates is pretty sweet, too. I love that you can see the crevices of my lip lines through the sheerness.

  • Which of the above do you see yourself wearing?
  • What's your favorite beauty product from the '90s?