Gyaru: Japan's Girliest Makeup Look

How to get the super-feminine look of this over-the-top Japanese style subculture.
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September 4, 2013
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I've always wanted to be on the cover of Vivi magazine. In my mind, I become a critically acclaimed womenswear designer, and Vivi is like, "Oh, hey, she'd work," and call up my agent (I'd have an agent) and say, "Can we talk about getting Mari on the cover?"

I'd say yes, naturally; then I'd fly to Tokyo where the Vivi people would transform me into a living, breathing anime doll. I'd frame the magazine, occasionally looking at it from time to time until my dying days, and my grandchildren would stare at my wrinkled face in disbelief and say, "Is that really you, Grandma?"

So that may not actually happen, but that doesn't mean I can't be gyaru, right?

Gyaru's literal translation to English is the word "gal," so as you can imagine, it's a traditionally girly look. The history of gyaru is extensive, but for this tutorial's sake, think blonde hair, tanned skin, dolly eyes and fancy nails. It's a little over the top compared to my usual style, but it gives me an excuse to play with my wigs. Yes, wigs!

I have a lot of wigs. I'm going to say this is because I had a great partnership with Carol Wigs, who supplied me with some amazing wigs for my mannequin, Headwig. I have a mannequin because I make headbands for my accessories brand, Little Fille. (Fun fact: Hannah was one of my very first models, and yes, she is just as beautiful in real life.)

But anyway, back to gyaru. Let's make it happen.

First, I used MAC's Filament on my lids, stopping at the crease.

I then added MAC's Black Tied all over the outer corner. I used a round brush to blend.

Using a black eyeliner pencil, I traced around the shape of my eye, extending it slightly.

I used a white eyeliner pencil on my lower waterline and in the lower outer corner of my eye. I created a shape similar to the puppy eye, but instead of filling it in with black, I filled it in with white.

Using black liquid liner, I went over the black pencil. I then used Black Tied on top of the lower lash liner.

I cut false eyelashes into half (so that one part could be used for my lower lash line, and the other for my upper). When cutting, be careful not to cut bluntly; instead, cut small tiny upward strokes into the hairs after cutting to your desired length.

You can use any lashes for these. I got mine from the pound shop, and they are quite subtle, but the more dramatic, the better!

Using eyelash glue, affix the lower lashes onto the outer corner of your eye, not close to the natural lash line, but instead, where the white liner ends.

Attach your upper lashes and coat the remainder of your lashes not overlapped by the falsies in mascara. (Note: this is just how I prefer to do it because I hate removing mascara, so you can coat the falsies as well if you want).

I lined my eyebrows with my Anastasia Brow Kit in Brunette and went over them with a blond-ish eyebrow mascara.

I went crazy with the bronzer and Urban Decay's Buck for this one, as well as adding some highlighter. I think an important part of gyaru is having sharp(ish) features, so if you're more on the rounded side of things like I am, this part is important.

Since Japanese magazines have amazing, amazing makeup tutorials, I thought I'd attempt to do one of those makeup map face things.

Dotted lines are where I used Benefit High Beam, solid lines are where I applied Buck.

I lightly dusted Christian Dior Bronze Harmony Blush in Coral Riveria all over my face, concentrating on the apples of my cheeks. Unfortunately, this is an old blush, but it reads similar to NARS Orgasm on me, minus the glitter.

On my lips I used Urban Decay's Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour in Glinda, a pinky-peach nude.

Here is the final look:

Instead of using white to fill in the triangle, you can also fill it in with black for a more intense puppy eye look.

Of course, the gyaru look isn't complete without a selfie.

Do you guys read Vivi? If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you pick? Do you like the gyaru look or do you prefer ulzzang, its Korean counterpart? (Want to see ulzzang next? Stay tuned.)