8 Pretty Things On The Internet: Gray Smoky Eyes And Epsom Salt

Also: Match your quirky hairstyle to your quirky outfit.
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October 30, 2013
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There is an Epsom Salt Council, which I'm so down with. POPSUGAR Beauty lists uses for the salts you definitely wouldn't have guessed.

Uniqlo always has fun and useful little marketing campaigns (they did an alarm clock app last year). Their latest is the HairDo microsite, which features very original, super-cute hair tutorials (and of course, suggests some clothes to wear with it)

Makeup.com lists surprisingly flattering makeup colors, including gray. I just discovered this gray shadow in my TooFaced Glamour To Go palette. It is such a unique color. Check it out in the photo below.

It is now that time of year when lip balm is a required item in every single one of my bags, and on my desk. And on my nightstand AND next to the remote in my living room. Here's a lovely little lip balm round-up on HuffPost Style.

Cutting out dairy could make a huge difference in your skin. I hate this, but I should try this. [Byrdie]

Blake lively's the new face of L'Oreal and I have a major crush on her, so that's cool! [NYLON]

101 wedding hairstyles for every hair type. [YourTango]

xoJane's resident Beauty Boy Tynan gives a false eyelashies a try and looks so very pretty.