I Tried Underdrawn Gradient Lips So You Don't Have To

It's like ombré lips, but with an "I just ate a human heart" twist.
Publish date:
January 15, 2015
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I often push myself to try out trends that I'm not immediately attracted to. So when I saw this lip shape over at Etude House, I thought why not?

It’s a little twist on the gradient lip, but instead of that "I’ve just eaten a popsicle" vibe, it’s more of a “I just ate a human heart/the bottom of my lower lip is magically missing” type of thing.

It’s pretty much the antithesis of Kylie Jenner, so if you’re Kardash’d out, this might be fun to try.

Here’s how to do it.

Cover the bottom half of your lower lip with concealer.

Apply lipstick to the upper lip and upper half of the bottom lip and blend with a lip brush or cotton swab.

If necessary, add more concealer to the bottom lip.

Instead of lipstick, I used MAC Lip Pencil in Brick to be more precise in application. Everything else I kept simple: mascara, thin eyeliner, and strong brows to even things out. I also popped in some brown circle lenses from EyeCandy's.

Here’s the final look.

When you smile with teeth, it looks like you are permanently biting your bottom lip. But maybe that’s something you're into?

Overall, I think it’s a fun look, but I’m more of a full color kind of girl when it comes to lipstick.

  • Are you down with this lip style or nah?
  • Any other lip trends you've been dying to try?