Chunky Gradient Lashes Inspired By A Venomous Sea Creature

File under: weird but strangely alluring.
Publish date:
January 22, 2015
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I’ve always been into colored lashes, and now that beauty is all gradient everything, I've decided to take things a step further, to chunky gradient lashes.

This look is a little polarizing, mostly because my inspiration is more sea anemone than runway. But since my makeup experimentation motto is "you can always just wash it off," here we go.

For reference:

Personally, I think this look is cool for when you don’t want to do much else with your face, but are still down for something striking, yet strange.

Here's What You'll Need

Get yourself a colored mascara (or DIY one), some baby powder, and a small brush.

I used Essence Colour Flash in 02 Miss Sue Blue. It’s pigmented enough to cover my black lashes, albeit a bit clumpy. But clumpy is kind of like chunky, and I like chunky things--heels Kit Kats, and peanut butter, for instance.

Start by curling your lashes.

Brush those lashes out and add another coat of baby powder, but only to the ends of the lashes.

The powder won't last ages, so if you want a longer lasting gradient effect, try a white mascara. It does, however, work to make that blue much brighter.

I kept the rest of my face simple with just concealer, brow powder, and lip balm.

  • Do you wear colored lashes?
  • Are you over this whole gradient thing?
  • Which is better, regular Kit Kat or chunky Kit Kat?