The Darkest Ombré Lip: Like A Goth Girl Who Loves To Drink Wine

A sullen, wintry alternative to bright ombré lips.
Publish date:
February 28, 2014
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I could compare this look to the weather. You know, the abyss that is winter, especially here in NYC, where you get a tease
of spring on the weekend and then it snows a few days later. I’m a Texan,
We don’t know how to deal with snow or any weather that prohibits
wearing flip-flops 97% of the year.

I don’t wear flip-flops, though, so don’t
freak out on me.

OK, so I won’t compare this to a winter’s day, but definitely to
the black abyss of a goth chick's heart--the goth chick who loves to drink wine. Are you that girl? It really doesn’t
matter, but that’s what we are going for: like you left all your black lipstick
on your wine glass and the wine stained your lips.

I only used two products: MAC’s Sheen Supreme in Good To Be Bad, a deep
red shade, and Clinique’s Brush On Cream liner in True Black

The reasoning behind the gel liner is that I recently went
through a cross-country move. Meaning that I threw out half of my makeup. You
know, I wanted a fresh start, resulting in the lack of black lipstick.

But gel liner as lipstick--let's just say that it's been done
before. By all means use your black lipstick if you have one. And if you do use a lipstick,
make sure to use a brush to apply it.

I started by lining the lips with the black gel liner using
a flat angled brush.

Then I started working my way towards the center by filling
in the outer part of the lips.

I then took my dark red lipstick, MAC’s Good To Be Bad, and
filled in the rest of the lip. Using my ring finger, I blended both of the
shades together. I also worked in more red lipstick using said finger.

The gel liner's matte finish and the gloss from the lipstick
worked well together. I blended all over the lip, so the finished look was a
glossy ombre lip. I also cleaned around using one of those pointy Q-tips
everyone’s been talking about.

I kept the rest of the face very
natural. I used tinted moisturizer and didn’t fill in the brows, just brushed
them up. I also skipped contouring and blush. I’m assuming goth chicks don’t wear

For the eyes, I used a pink
shimmery eye shadow to brighten up the face and a small amount of mascara.

Oh, by the way: you can’t make out with anyone while wearing this, since you’ll mess up the ombre effect, so single ladies this one is for you. Or you can wear this when you’re mad at your boyfriend.