LOTW: Radiant Skin, Gilded Lids and a Pop of Pinkish-Purple

I'm shifting the color attention this week!
Publish date:
June 11, 2015
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I just got back from a week-long vacation out of state, and upon my arrival back to Kansas, I discovered that we have officially landed in hot and uncomfortable summer heat.

The hotter the weather gets, the less I want to deal with makeup, so I tend to stick to simpler looks throughout the season. Hence, this week's look.

I start with a soft gold shadow applied over primer from lash line to brow bone, letting the color sheer out the closer I get to my brow bone.

Next, I line my upper and lower lash line with a gold liner that is slightly darker and warmer than the eyeshadow shade I used. I apply a thin coat of mascara to my upper lashes and finish the eyes by filling in my brows with a chocolate brow pencil.

I want my overall look to be bronzed and glowing, so I apply highlighter to the top of my cheekbones before adding foundation.

I skip my regular foundation and use the Glossier Skin Tint in Dark, which is a sheerer and has a more dewy finish. I also use a creamy concealer very sparingly to cover up dark circles under my eyes.

To keep my face in the dewy-not-greasy camp, I powder only through the T-zone (the area I’m most oily) and apply a matte bronzer to the outer edges of my forehead, along my cheeks, and along my jawline with a fluffy blush brush.

Speaking of blush, I like a nice berry flush so I use Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore (one of my favorites) which is a berry shade with a soft gold shimmer and apply it to my cheeks.

The final piece of the puzzle is a purple lipstick (you guys and Wendy definitely inspired me there). I used the Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Brazen Berry.

Now here a few pics of my favorite looks from last week:

What are your favorite bronzers to use in the summertime? Do you like matte or shimmery bronzers more? What’s your favorite purple lipstick? Let me know down in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @xovain and #xolotw!