The Glossy Popsicle-Stained Look is Never Not Sexy

Here's how I get that perfect-for-summer ombré lip look.
Publish date:
June 30, 2015
lip gloss, summer, ombre lips, sexy, By Rosie Jane

I’m in love with low-fuss summer hairstyles: low ponies, messy top knots, and unkempt waves especially. Not only are these styles chic and simple, but also necessary for the scorchingly hot summer—dust, sweat or a dip in a body of water won’t wilt these looks, but rather advance them to highest echelons of nonchalant cool. Just make sure you snap out of it and wash your hair before you end up living in a van down by the river, though.

I usually go barefaced in the summer, but lately I’ve been absolutely hooked on lip gloss as a way of life. It adds a literal polish to your look without being overdone, and it stands up to hot-weather activities and doesn’t leave you looking like you just wrapped up a crying jag after a hot-wings-eating competition.

To get that precious I-just-ate-a-popsicle look, I’ve added a dash of colour to the center of my lips, and the result is pretty heavenly. Remember that stay-put lipstick that I got from eBay? I am still very much in love with it, and it works great for this look. Alternatively, a dab of long-wear lipstick or even a stain would be perfect.

As a recent gloss convert, I’ve collected and tried an impressive array. I just can’t with overpowering plastic scents, or cheap glosses that give you zits (I have yet to nail down the ingredient). My current favourites are Tarte’s Pure Optic Lipgloss in Sheer Melon (which I think might be discontinued?!) and By Rosie Jane’s Marigold.

If you just want a sheer gloss for a rock-bottom price, reach for either pure castor oil or Rosebud Salve; they don’t last as long, but applying lip gloss isn’t exactly a night-long activity either.

Start by applying the smallest amount of lipstick to the very inside of your lips, and blend out; I use my ring finger for this task, but you do you. Top with gloss, and keep the rest of your face fresh and simple.

For added dimension, I like to add the barest whisper of highlighter just outside my lip line to make my lips look bigger.

Oh, and don’t forget to lick your lips before sipping your drink!

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