The Runways Have Spoken: Glitter is Everything

This week's colour of the week isn't even a colour; it's better and sparklier.
Publish date:
September 27, 2013
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I know, I know. Glitter isn't a colour.

But there's no denying: glitter is enchanted and wonderful. Who didn't love drawing with their glue stick, sprinkling a bottle of glitter all over the construction paper, then shaking off the excess to reveal their rainbow, heart or star masterpiece? Did you not relish finally having a glitter glue set in every different colour to personalize letters to all your friends? You didn't? You're lying.

A tiny stroke of gold liner above regular liner, or some silver glitter liner in the inner corners of your eyes goes a long way. I am also so into this glitter liner/mascara effect.

Plus, have you ever tried using the thinnest stroke of silver glitter liner under the brow bone? Magical. I used to use Urban Decay's Heavy Metal liners in high school, but alas, mine have since dried up; but I am looking forward to a wintery glitter revival.

Do you wear glitter? If so, where do you put it? Are you a follower of Alle's School of Glitter? Who remembers Revlon's Lash Jewels?