How Can The Puppy Eye Get Even Cuter? GLITTER!

It's one of my most popular eye-makeup tutorials taken to an adorably sparkly new level.
Publish date:
December 5, 2013
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Puppy eyes are cool, but everyone knows that adding glitter to the equation makes things 10 times more magical. The proof is in unicorns, stickers, Bonne Bell lip gloss, Dorothy's slippers, etc.

This look is a sort of puppy/cat eye hybrid, but with super sparkly glitter power. Observe.

I bought these three sweet glitter ACO eyeshadow palettes from Ardène, a Canadian store, specifically to play around with on xoVain. I went with gold and silvers to start safe (we're mixing metals, a la Hannah), but look at those blues and reds!

For the price (three palettes for $10), these are pretty amazing, but when using the product on your upper lids, expect some creasing.

Let's get started.

First, I used white eyeshadow on my upper lids, and black eyeshadow on the outer corner of my lower lashes, sloping down in that puppy eye shape.

Then using an angled brush, I added the gold glitter over the black shadow and silver glitter over the white shadow. I also put a bit of both colours around the inner corners of my eyes.

Using black liquid liner, I lined my upper lash line, with the tiniest upward flick. I used a thinner line than Bom's because my crease is lower than hers, but you can go as thick as you like.

Finally, I added some false lashes.

Here's the final look:

I finished off with Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Pale Pink on my lips and cheeks.

Are you into glitter eyeshadow? Where's your favourite place to wear glitter? I'll accept both body parts and actual places.