I Found My New Favorite Eyebrow Product

I thought this day would never come.
Publish date:
September 19, 2013
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Quiz: anybody remember what I normally use in my eyebrows? Answer: probably not! You know why? Because I pitched a story about it to xoJane.com when they were hiring beauty writers and it was REJECTED. I stopped reading the site for a week or so when they announced their new beauty team out of feeling not cool enough... Shout out and congrats to Tynan, Gabi, Allie Riley Jones (always the full name for this one, it just rolls off the tongue), and Gala if you're there. Where you at, Gala Darling?

Anyway, my eyebrow grooming product of preference has always been a dried-out tube of Le Métier De Beauté's Anamorphic Lash Mascara in Brownish Black. The dried-out-ed-ness is intentional, it wears more like a waxy paste and applies more sparingly than a fresh tube. I post Craigslists ads asking for women who have been using a tube of the mascara for at least two months to sell it to me in exchange for $34 and authorship on the site. How do you think I found Beth?

I still think it's great, but obviously difficult to come by. That's why I was so stoked on this new stuff from Benefit: Gimme Brow. It's a brow-thickening "brush-on fiber gel," that's water resistant, long-wearing, natural-looking, and buildable. (Adjectives straight off their press release, but I have to agree. Those are adjectives, right?)

It works exactly as my old stuff--sticking to not only the brows but a little to the skin beneath to darken and make the brows look fuller. And it's TEENY!

My huge brows can handle a jumbo-sized mascara wand, but the small size of the Gimme Brow applicator is pretty brilliant for most women.

Yes, I realize that I don't have the perfectly-shaped, impeccably-groomed Kardashabrows, but the after result is a much more polished and fuller version of my natural brows. Which I like and want!

My only request is that along with the light/medium and medium/deep shades that Benefit make a black and also a navy sparkle version. Thank you in advance!