What To Know Before You Get Eyelash Extensions

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September 19, 2014
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Eyelash extensions can be daunting, but when done correctly they can make you look ultra glamorous--even on your laziest makeup days.

When Alle asked me to write a piece on the ins and outs of eyelash extensions, I was pretty stoked. I'd had them done previously before a beach vacation and they were wondrous, so I was eager to get in the chair again.

I went to see the lovely ladies of MYNC and interviewed my talented technician, Tammy, and the spot's creative director, Nathalie. Here's what you need know before taking your lashes to the next level.

Do Your Research

There are a lot of eyelash extension horror stories, so it pays to do your homework. Nathalie says she's seen one botched job too many, with clients coming in desperately trying to salvage lashes that have fallen out due to improper application. Yelp it up and see which places make the cut. Visit the salon directly and get a feel for the technicians. Ask questions about their experience and expertise. MYNC is a dedicated lash and brow bar, and they do extensive in-house training--along with surprise assessments--to make sure everyone is legit.

Don't Pay Too Much OR Too Little

At MYNC, prices start at $90 for 35 lashes per eye. I got the Born Lucky package for $125 at 45 per eye. In my research, I found that reputable salons charge anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on how many lashes you want put in.

Be Realistic About Your Results

Tammy worked with me to figure out what look I was trying to achieve, as well as what my lashes could handle. If your natural lashes are short and sparse and you want bold, heavy, dramatic, super thick lashes, you may need to rethink your options. Your lashes are delicate creatures that need TLC, so something more natural may be your best option. Tammy put it like this: heavy lashes on shorter, thinner lashes is like carrying a full grocery bag on your pinky finger--you can do it, but why? Remember: no strain means no lost lashes.

Opt For Synthetic Mink

Premium lashes are made of mink, which are delicate, soft, and natural looking. These are often the go-to extensions when it comes to luxury. However, they are not as durable as their synthetic counterparts, they require more maintenance, and they're very pricey. Mink lashes can also cause allergic reactions for those with animal allergies. Synthetic mink, though less soft, is more durable. This, along with being lightweight with a "real lash look," makes synthetic mink a popular choice at reputable salons.

Pay Attention To Glue And Application

Glue should be formaldehyde-free and medical grade. If you have latex allergies, glue should also be latex-free. This is a no-brainer--I mean, the glue is coming in close contact with your eyeballs!

There should be a one-to-one ratio of eyelash to false eyelash, meaning only one false lash should be glued to each of your own lashes. Avoid clusters or strips, which can weigh down your lashes and cause damage. The individual lash should be glued to directly to your eyelash, not your skin.

Pads will be placed over your lower lashes to make sure glue isn't accidentally stuck to them. Then you can basically take a one hour nap and wake up with fuller, beautiful eyelashes. During that literal beauty sleep, your technician will carefully glue each eyelash, one by one, onto your own lashes.


No lash extensions, with a splattering of leftover summer freckles.

My lashes, according to Tammy, are long but stick straight out so they can't be seen. Life is so unfair.


No makeup, just lashes.

Why, hello there.

FAQs.Will I Lose My Eyelashes?

Not if the lash extensions are done properly. On average you'll shed one to three eyelashes a day, so the fake lashes will shed as your natural ones do. Personally, I found that my natural eyelashes actually seemed healthier with extensions, maybe because I wasn't removing mascara and eye makeup as often. I mean, obviously this isn't science, but I truly did not experience any more than typical lash loss during both of my experiences with extensions.

When Do I Need To Replace Them?

On average, eyelash extensions last around four weeks, with fillers being required every two to four weeks, depending on your preference or when payday is. Fillers make you look as good as the day you got the extensions and cost less than a full set.

What If I Have A Reaction?

Reactions are rare, but if your eyes feel extremely itchy, uncomfortable, and watery after application, remove the lashes at once. Nathalie said she's seen women with reactions who were so enamored with the results that they refused removal! Don't even go there, friends. A reputable salon will remove the lashes at no cost by soaking the glue in a special oil.

After Care

MYNC advises clients to use oil-free makeup remover only and water-based mascara if needed. But really, you won't be needing mascara with these babies on. It's also advised to take showers with goggles and wash your face with a warm washcloth to avoid water getting directly onto the lashes to prolong lash life. I did none of these things and my lashes still lasted four weeks.

Overall, I am super happy with my lash extensions. If I had the extra cash, I would gladly get refills ALL THE TIME. It makes eye makeup a lot less time consuming, and the extra long lashes distract from my under-eye circles of doom, so total win if you ask me.

Have you ever had lash extensions? Are you tempted, even just a little bit?