Bionic Beauty: Looking Like A Hot Robot Is So Metal

Makeup inspiration for your inner disco-bot babe.

Maybe I’m not a huge fan of heavy metal because my hearing just isn’t sophisticated enough to catch all those skillful double bass hits. But I am a big fan of METAL in the shiny futuristic sense.

Futurama has already given us a glimpse of what robots would look like in human makeup, but what would a human look like in robot makeup? Allow me to demonstrate with a handful of bionic beauty looks!

Shine Bright Like A Titanium Alloy

Silver would be the go-to, wouldn’t it? This look actually only requires three products: Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Comex Platinum and Metallic Lavender and Inglot Lipstick in #122.

This Stila foil eye shadow is no joke. It’s a dense, metallic cream that comes with a liquid primer, which can be used to thin the shadow formula so it can be applied as eyeliner (or body paint). I used the lavender shade on my eyebrows, to give them a gray sheen, and applied the silver all over my lids in a bold, graphic football shape, pointed at each corner.

Harkening back to Robotopia, where metals were soft and pure, this look plays with shine using light.

I started by dabbing Inglot Lip Gloss in #546 on my eyelids, up to the brow.

Then, to blot out any color, I tapped Benefit's Stay Don't Stray concealer on my lips (you can use whatever concealer you have handy) and went over it with the Inglot gloss.

For highligher, I grabbed that frosty Inglot Lipstick in #122 from before and applied it directly from the tube, smearing it under my brow bones, on top of my cheekbones, down the center of my nose, and in my Cupid’s bow.

Also, I “straightened” my brows, because I hear that makes you look all baby-like and innocent, right?

Freckles have become quite the derma-trend. Why not make them gold? I promise it's way easy and pain-free. Using the hard end of a makeup brush, I dotted on a mixture of Stila Foil Metallic Shadow in Metallic Gilded Gold and liquid primer to create faux gilded freckles. Then I painted my lips and voila: golden pox.

In the future, robots will party just like the rest of us--probably in some neu-disco comeback!

Using Elizabeth Arden Precision Glide Eyeliner in Emerald, I drew a reverse cat-eye on my bottom lashes, winging it out in a straight line. I painted a square of Stila’s Foil Metallic Shadow in Metallic Laurel on top and a stripe of Comex Platinum in between, as well as striking a line in the inner corners of my eyes.

I smeared Inglot Lipstick #122 in the center of my lips, pressed them together, and the look was complete.

Borrowing a bit of metallic sheen from our android friends is probably better than getting face-freezing injections, because you can just slap on some silver eye shadow and feign disinterest and everyone will be like “Oh, it’s cool, she’s just a hot robot.”

Any robot babes, you guys admire? (Helloo, Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner!)