The Best Foundations For People Who Get Called 'Casper' On A Regular Basis

I've found some really lovely products that don’t require spending half an hour blending your neckline.

I scoff at MAC's NC15 shade. I believe that you aren’t truly pale until you’ve gotten sunburnt on the top of your head and had large chunks of your scalp peel off in the grossest fashion possible.

Needless to say, I've collected a few favorite products for porcelain, white-as-the-moon skin.

Starting off with a moisturizer with SPF is important, because the combination of dryish skin with paleness means that we are more susceptible to slowly developing into a wizened Gollum. I like to use at least SPF 40 because, like Hannah, I want to be a baby forever and have no qualms about using anti-aging products.

My skin is pretty even in general, but I have some teeny-tiny scars from old face demons, and at any given time, I’ve probably got one or two sore, under-the-skin pimples.

It may look like it takes a long time, but I’ve done a test and it really doesn't take all that much longer more than buffing in a full face. Plus, it looks so so so natural, which I love.

I use Illamasqua Cream Foundation in 115, which is a very pale yellow-toned foundation, but it is so high-coverage that it works for me as a concealer. I picked it up in a sale a couple of months ago for about $13, but I think it’s worth the full price.

Once I’m in the states in June, I’m going to order one of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics concealers because I tried a friend's a while ago. There are TWO really pale shades, and it was so blendable and creamy, but set really well, so it’s able to handle those really big guys.

I know that I’m recommending something that I don’t own, but you don’t understand HOW MUCH I WANT TO OWN IT, AND HOW TRULY I BELIEVE IN ITS AMAZINGNESS. All caps is how much!

I use the Real Techniques Detailer Brush to quickly dab tiny blobs of the concealer on, and then follow up with the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, which, although it’s an eyeshadow brush, works perfectly as a teeny tiny buffing brush to blend the concealer in.

The end result is really natural-looking, and it’s probably what I use ninety percent of the time. Give it a try, because you might find out that your skin is actually more even than you think; it’s just all the little marks are making it seem more blotchy.

In the photo below I’ve just put on some mascara, and Lipstick Queen Medieval, a sheer red, on my lips and cheeks.

When I want to look all glowy and professional, I reach for Becca Luminous Skin Colour in Porcelain. It's more or less a tinted moisturizer that gives you a little bit of coverage, but more than that, it just makes your skin look and feel a million bucks. It’s apparently got antioxidant vitamins A, B, D and E, which, truthfully, I’m not 100% sure what they are meant to do, but they do make my face look good.

I just put a pump on my fingertips and work it in using my hands, following up with a little bit of concealer.

I find because this is so moisturizing, I need to put a bit of powder on. I use Rimmel Stay Matte in transparent, because it is actually transparent, unlike a couple of others which gave me a yellow cast. Plus, it doesn’t get cakey.

I like to use a small blush brush for the powder so I can just get in the centre of my forehead, my chin and under my eyes, keeping the rest of my skin looking dewy.

Now, in the comments last time someone mentioned that the only thing they’ve found to match is Illamasqua Skin Base in 02. Surprise surprise: that was exactly what I had on in those photos.

While it isn’t really an everyday texture. It’s really high-coverage, quite matte, and has a bit of a tendency to cling to dry spots. However if you’ve got a freshly exfoliated face, this stuff does look beautiful.

I only wear it if I’m going out and know I’ll be getting a lot of photographs taken of me (or if I’m hanging out in my room all day taking photo’s of myself tying a scarf).

The key to making this foundation work is to add in a luminizing cream. I use Lush Feeling Younger, which has zero shimmer or glitter, but more of a beetles-wing iridescence. I put a blob of that and some foundation on the back of my hand, then mix it together, dot it on my face and blend it in with the Real Techniques Buffing brush (can you tell I like this brush brand?).

Be sure to work quickly, because this stuff sets pretty fast. Since I usually wear this foundation with a bit more makeup, I’ve put on a bold matte lip, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, and the same blush as last time, plus a little brow powder on.

Both Illamasqua and MAC sell pure white foundations. I’ve never tested the MAC one because I’m truly terrified of the salespeople in there, but I know that the Illamasqua ones are super-duper pigmented.

I’m sure that you could add a little drop of it to a foundation that you love the finish of but have accepted that it’s a little bit too dark. I’ve added some of my 02 Skin base to another foundation to make the perfect shade for my friend's winter skin tone, so I know that it doesn’t cause an immediate explosion if you mix two different formulas together.

It does take a little more time, but you can find some really lovely products that don’t require spending half an hour blending your neckline!

Are you a fan of any super-pale foundations? Which ones?