Vacation Is Fun, Except When You Forget Your Makeup

How to acquire what you need while you're on the road without going broke.

A thing I like to do on the Internet is pretend I have my
life in order, when in reality, I’m all dirty hair and ripped tights. I feel
least on top of it when I forget something important.

I forget things a lot, like appointments, bills and my
birthday. Usually, I just have to chalk it up to experience. I routinely buy a
new planner and tell myself, “After today, you’ll never forget again!”

This past summer, I embarked on a two-week road trip up the
east coast and forgot something very important to me: all of my makeup, skincare and hair supplies.

I’m normally down
to go a while without makeup. I rarely wear anything besides lip color
during the week. But this was a long
trip, full of events where I’d surely be photographed. My life is extremely

So I did what any sane, well-balanced woman would do: I
spent almost $100 on brand-new makeup just to use for the next two weeks. I
bought all of it at a drugstore off some random exit, where I spent
approximately zero minutes really considering my decisions and instead just
haphazardly threw anything Emma Stone told me to buy in my basket.

I’ve gone on a few road trips since then and inevitably
forgotten something every time, but I’ve gotten better at dealing with it.
Here’s some advice.


If you’re going
to a beach or somewhere hot, you can probably skip foundation. Maybe you
hardly wear eyeliner anyway, so don’t buy it now. Figure out your bare
necessities. Sing that song from “The Jungle Book” if it helps.


Grab a lip color you can
work as a blush. Revlon’s Balm Stains work really well for this, because their
form makes them easy to dab right onto both lips and cheeks. Rimmel’s Lasting
Finish lipsticks are a great value, as well. Plus, Kate Moss totally made each
and every one of them!

Soft reds and pinks will work best if you use them as both
lip color and cheek color. Your purples, blues, corals and blacks will be
waiting patiently for you at home.

Lip colors aren’t the only versatile products in the game.
You can make mascara work double-time as well.

My favorite mascaras in the
whole wide world are Maybelline. So get one of those, and an E.L.F. Small Angled
Brush. Use the brush to sweep mascara on like cream eyeliner. Voila!

Instead of buying new foundation, which can be stressful, go
with an inexpensive BB cream. My favorite BB right now is L’Oreal Magic Skin
Beautifier BB Cream. It gives you magic skin! What more could you want?


After you’ve found some multitasking products for not a lot
of money, whip out your smart phone and search for coupons online. I watched a
lot of Extreme Cheapskates over the Thanksgiving holiday, and it was extremely
inspiring. Go forth and save!


If you’re going to stay with your family, check with your
mom or sisters to see if they have beauty products you can use. My sister’s a
weirdo hippie and doesn’t really wear makeup, but my mom usually has some I can swipe.

Also, maybe accept your forgetfulness as a sign from the
universe and give your skin and hair a short break while you’re away.

None of this applies to you if you’re some Richie
McMoneyBags. If you ARE Richie McMoneyBags, I’m ready and willing to be orphan
Annie’d any day now. Thanks.

What do you guys do when you’re stranded with no beauty

Oh, here you go.