My Foolproof Way to Wear Any Bold Eyeshadow Color Any Time of Day

I figured out that I could make one singular bold eyeshadow the focus of my makeup look without veering too far out of my comfort zone.
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July 20, 2016
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I'm not one to get wild and/or crazy with my eye makeup. I sit firmly in the warm-neutrals camp and have happily applied my Urban Decay original Naked palette day in and day out for, oh, six years now?

Every now and again I would venture into the depths of color, but that was more of an event thing — until I figured out that I could make one singular bold eyeshadow the focus of my makeup look without veering too far out of my comfort zone.

To get the most out of your bold color, prime your lids. This helps the shadow to stick better and will then hold stronger pigmentation for longer. I like to prime with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion across my mobile lid and up over the crease.

I don't bother with my lower lash line, but if you find that shadow creases or disappears on you there, prime that as well.

To start off with shadows, I like to add a subtle matte shade in the crease to make working with the bold shadow easier when I get there. This shade is Peach Smoothie by Makeup Geek but pick whatever color works well with your skin tone and depth.

The bold color for this look is Makeup Geek Fashion Addict. When doing this look, I prefer to work with matte shades — I think it looks really fresh — but shimmer/satin eyeshadows work as well. I would just stick away from duochrome shadows; I've found they make this look more splotchy than cool.

To apply, dip a round blending brush that isn't too big (like the mondo-fluffy brush I used for the transition shade) to pick up a small amount of shadow. Stick it right at the corner of your eye and blend in circular motions. Keep building up the color and blending out until you get a good circular pop of color right there.

You want the color to be bold but also blended to diffuse nicely, so take your time here.

At this point, while blending, I took the remainder of what was on the brush and applied to the lower lash line.

Apply the same shadow to the upper lash line. You want both lash lines to connect to the outer corner color and go about half way in.

Then apply a light dose with the same brush to the crease. You want it to sit smack dab in the middle of the transition shade you added in earlier.

I like to keep the crease lighter than the outer corner for contrast.

After you place the crease color, add just a bit more shadow to the outer V to connect the shadow on the lash line with the crease.

And we are done with the bright shade! Make sure you've blended your heart out before moving on.

To finish with eyeshadow, I applied a light shimmering shade, Stila Kitten, to fill in the center portion of the eye and to lighten up the look.

Finishing touches — an inner-corner highlight and a matching liner in the waterline — are optional. I used Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eyeliner in Orchid. And mascara, duh.

You can totally glam this out with a higher contrast color or highlight, and I think it would look good with a cat-eye flick as well.

I love that this is a bolder look that would literally work with any color of your choosing (i.e. you can totally do it with neutral shades, too). It's like a haze of color around the eye that isn't too much — like, I didn't slam my face into the '80s and end up with all the colors on my eyes, you know?

  • Are you a neutral eyeshadow person or do you go for bright and bolds?
  • What's your favorite bold eyeshadow?