Keeping it Simple for Summer, Plus COTW

I'm ready for some summertime laziness.
Publish date:
June 11, 2016
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First off, thanks to everyone who gave me advice on doing my makeup for a wedding last weekend! Ultimately, there was so much rain and sweaty dancing that I might have been better off not wearing makeup at all. But I was also too tipsy at the end of the night to care how my makeup looked, so it all worked out.

(The above picture was taken after the rain but before dancing, so my makeup was still going strong. I do not have a picture of how it looked at the end of the night, but I think we can all imagine.)

Anyway, after all the hassle last weekend, I feel ready to switch gears and embrace a more minimal beauty routine for the summer. My goal is to really focus on skincare — wearing SPF every day, not slacking on my cleansing and moisturizing routine — and then keep things light makeup-wise.

For me, that means throwing on some of my favorite BB cream and mascara and running out the door. Right now I'm obsessed with Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm; it doesn't cover every imperfection, but it evens out my skin and gives it a nice glow, along with bonus broad-spectrum SPF 45 protection.

I'll also occasionally take the time to add some black liner, which I think helps me avoid looking washed out now that my hair is so dark; I've been using NYX Matte Liquid Liner a lot lately because it's so easy to use and I like the matte finish. And, of course, I don't neglect my brows EVER. I'm really excited about my latest favorite brow product, but I'll save that story for another time because I like to tease.

I love this look on days when I absolutely have to leave my house. I can look fairly put-together but it only takes five minutes to do, and everything still looks good after a long, hot summer day.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. I'm with "bort" on the topic of food near the face:

When my fiancé touches my face with food hands, I freak out and frantically wipe at the area. He gets a confused look on his face, and I have to explain why FOOD HANDS STAY OFF THE FACE! ME LIKE PRETTY FACE! PRETTY FACE NO FOOD FACE!

2. "lianeandthemusic" has a good summer makeup routine:

I am a huge proponent of skipping eye makeup (although I will sometimes just use mascara, and my brows are always done) and compensating with a bold lip, especially during allergy season. I think it just looks so fresh and modern! Lately my daily face is concealer, highlighter, bronzer, tinted brow gel, mascara, and tinted lip balm or balm stain. It's low maintenance, which is perfect for disgusting NY summers.

3. I loved this gel manicure tip from "wilderness":

I'm so with you on using a gel manicure to protect your real nails! My nails grow so long that way. The only thing is I love changing up my nails weekly. So I usually do a nude colored gel, enjoy that for a week or so, then start painting my nails right over the gel. Just use non-acetone remover to take off the normal nail polish, and the gel mani will be perfectly intact underneath.

4. "Michelle Tiffany Anderson" made me laugh with her insight on selfies:

LOL why do people get so mad at selfies? What a weird thing to waste your time on. Makes me wonder if people of the time got mad about paintings of royals that they commissioned themselves and posed for hours for. "This new generation of kings is the 'me' generation. So vain. In my day we painted saints."

  • Do you find yourself suddenly embracing a minimal makeup look when it gets hot out?
  • Do you get lazy in other ways in the summer? I stop wearing shoes and basically live in a black romper every day (freelance writer life FTW!).