Eye Shimmer You Can Wear To The Office And Da Club

Roll-on glitter. It's not just for 9-year-old girls.

Roll-on glitter has a horrible reputation. It's incredibly tacky and, for me, it recalls strange memories of elementary school, when the girls in my fifth grade class would gather in a circle, unzip their fanny packs, and start rolling glitter all over their arms, lids, and cheeks.

They obsessed over what shade of purple glitter would look best on their cheeks, but they ended up wearing a bunch of different colors. Sometimes glitter got on their homework, which prompted our teacher to restrict anything involving glitter to lunchtime.

I'm no longer nine years old and have managed to rid myself of typical 9-year-old girl behavior: attending smelly slumber parties, tripping girls in gym class, wearing plastic crowns, getting gum in my hair, etc.

I had never considered roll-on glitter or shimmer--I wasn’t part of the glitter inner-circle in fifth grade--until I stumbled upon NYX Roll-On Shimmer on a visit to Ricky's. Once I tested it in Onyx, a shimmery gunmetal, I put my ego aside and thought, Why not? It was only $5.

I can't pull off shimmery gunmetal across my face or body on a day-to-day basis, so I only wear this on my lids at night. To apply, simply roll it on and use your fingers to blend. If you want a more dramatic look, you can layer it on or use a darker eye shadow underneath.

After wearing it out for the first time last weekend, I realized that roll-on glitter actually has its upsides.

1. Reapplying throughout the night (or day) is a breeze--one product, one finger, no brushes.

2. You don’t have to worry about being precise. It’s all about blending.

3. Roll-on shimmery eye shadow is easier to apply than brushing it on. It won’t end up sprinkled all over your cheekbones or clothes.

I may actually purchase this is in a neutral rose gold color to wear to the office this fall. What do you guys think?