Quick Question: What's Your Favorite Super-Cheap Beauty Product?

If this were an infotainment show segment, the opening bars of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" would play on a loop under the reporter's voiceover.
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April 17, 2013
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I think I like XO intern Felicia so much because she reminds me of younger me, but she's a kabillion times cooler than I ever was. I was so full of compliments for her this morning that I think she thought something was up.

First I was like, "Awesome sweater!" She'd picked it up at thrift store, being all I don't care that it's monogrammed with someone else's initials, in fact, that's why I like it. (I'm assuming this was her train of thought--I don't actually know.)

Then I was like, "That is a great lip color! What is it?"

"Oh, jeez, it's, like, dollar store lipstick," she said, further establishing both her frugality and her awesomeness.

I insisted on examining the lipstick itself, which turned out to be Nicka K NK Lipstick in Burgendy. You KNOW a product is cheap as hell when they don't just misspell burgundy, they misspell it differently than people usually do (burgandy).

But you know what? She looks faaaaaabulouuuuuuus.

Listen, my job may give me access to expensive shizz, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a $1.49 lipstick. Some of the best beauty stuff costs less than doing your laundry, amirite?

Iknowimrite, so just answer this Quick Question: What's your favorite super-cheap beauty product?