My 5-Minute Autopilot Face, Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

If only I could also use these products to slick my hair down, too.
Publish date:
September 1, 2015

I cannot get my act together right now. Dressing like other people can actually see me and getting to work on time has become a huge challenge. I’ve gone makeup-free so many times this summer, and not because I’m doing a personal challenge. Rocking bedhead is all well and good, but I’m starting to miss the more polished, capable version of myself.

Recently, I found a couple of products that are helping me get out the door on time, looking just a little more put together.

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick

This is makeup of the truly desperate: an unscrewupable stick of color that needs no brushes and works on lips and cheeks. It’s what I grab when I’m running out of the house with a vague desire to look presentable, but no time to actually make it happen. The texture is smooth and dewy and builds easily.

At first, I wasn’t wowed by Formentera, a sheer berry, but it’s grown on me, especially as a lip color. It’s not particularly long-lasting, but it makes me look awake during morning meetings.

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blush

This is what I use when I have a couple minutes to put on makeup, but I don’t have a strong idea of what to do. Instead of dithering over my options, I grab my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, mascara, and this two-tone blush.

Two-tone blushes are pretty common, but usually they’re usually so small that the colours end up blending on the brush. This blush has a big pan and a cunning circular shape that not only appeals to my mod sensibilities, but lets me use one color at a time.

Using my Real Techniques blush brush, I swirl my brush in the outer ring, then apply the color—First Love, a nude-y pink with a satin finish—along my cheekbone. I wipe my brush quickly on a cloth, then use the tip to apply the brighter color to the apple of my cheek. I wipe my brush again, then blend.

The result isn’t the most exciting look in the world, but it’s professional and goes with everything. Having two coordinated colors in one compact is really handy, and it blends easily, so you get a nice gradient without weird lines or blotches.

  • Tell me your techniques for getting out of the house on time!
  • What’s your 5-minute autopilot face?
  • Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury stuff? Protip to Canadians: Charlotte Tilbury took a while to get to Canada, but you can get it at Holt Renfrew and