Fast-Fashion Makeup: Are Beauty Products From Trendy Clothing Stores Worth Buying?

I’ve seen the nail polish and palettes while waiting in line at Forever 21, but who buys their makeup at Forever 21? Well, I do now, apparently.

I’ll just admit right now that I spend way too much time at the
Forever 21 near me (it’s where I got the shirt that I’m wearing in these
pictures) and browsing H&M, Topshop, and Zara online (we don’t have any of
those near me because I live in a fast-fashion-deprived wasteland). They have
cute clothes that I can afford--no shame in that!

I am embarrassed to say that it took me this long to check out their
beauty sections. (Well, Zara doesn’t have one, but the other three do.)

I’ve seen the piles of nail polish and eyeshadow palettes out
of the corner of my eye while waiting in line at Forever 21, but I guess it
never occurred to me to try any of it because who buys their makeup at Forever

Well, I do now, apparently.

It started with a cute, speckled, mint nail polish that caught my
eye in the checkout lane one day. It was only, like, $3, so I figured I had
nothing to lose. While I was at it, I loaded up on 99-cent gel eyeliner, $4 red
lipstick, a pack of four eyeshadow sticks (similar to the e.l.f. ones that I
wrote about
and a bunch of crazy false eyelashes.

Then, the beast having been awakened, I
went home and checked out the beauty sections at H&M’s and Topshop’s online
stores. That was a mistake. They have perfumed shimmer dust and owl-shaped lip balms and cat nail stickers and bird-shaped lip balms!

Anyway, even though most of it's a lot cheaper than, say, Sephora, I tried to limit myself to mostly sensible purchases. Here’s
what I got from each fast-fashion store, and what I thought.


I already listed everything I bought from Forever 21 above, so
let’s get right to it, starting with the red lipstick and the ridiculously cheap
pot of gel eyeliner.

I actually liked both of these a lot more than I was expecting
to, especially the eyeliner. It gets dry pretty easily, but mix in a drop of
coconut oil or whatever and it glides on super smooth and thick. The only
downside is that it doesn’t come with a brush--make sure you have a good angled
brush. I managed to get the best cat eye ever with this stuff. Score!

The lipstick was OK; it has a very creamy, hydrating
consistency, but it’s not my favorite color. I prefer a more vibrant red, I

There were four colors in the eyeshadow sticks set:
black, brown, gold and silver. I decided to pair them off, combining the brown
and gold first.

I really liked this look and I’m definitely going to do it
again. I applied the brown very thickly above my lash line and at the outer
corners of my eyes, and then blended it lightly with my fingers. The gold went
on the rest of my lids, the inner corners of my eyes, and my brow bones.

The silver and black wasn’t as great, mainly because the silver
didn’t go on thick enough. I applied it in the same way, with the black above
my lash line and at the outer corners of my eyes, blending, and then putting
the silver everywhere else.

The silver seemed too patchy and thin, and it wasn’t a great
look on me anyway. The black is good, if messy. It would be great for a messy
smokey eye, which you could also do with the brown for a less severe effect.

The quality of these is comparable to the e.l.f. sticks, except
that they’re more highly pigmented. They do smear easily, though, so make sure
to use lots of primer first and don’t expect to get a clean line.

My favorite out of all of this was probably the Mint Chip nail

It goes on smoothly and evenly and dries quickly. One coat
might not be enough, as it’s very pale, but a second coat is perfect. It
reminds me of a robin’s egg, or even better, mint chocolate chip ice cream. It
lasted for days without chipping, too. I was surprised.


I ordered four things online from H&M’s beauty section:
lipstick in Wild Thing,
mascara and eyeliner in a pastel purple hue, and glitter eyeliner.

Wild Thing is nice, even though I have too many other lipsticks
in this shade. It’s creamy and goes on easily, and it has pretty good staying
power. Definitely the worth $5 I paid for it.

The pastel-hued mascara and eyeliner are fun, even if they give
me alien eyes. They were $4 each, and also come in pastel blue.

I probably won’t use the mascara that much (what is it with me
and colored mascara? IT’S NOT PRACTICAL) although the brush and formula were
both amazing.

The eyeliner will probably get more use, but there’s a
downside: it takes forever to dry and is
very sticky in the meantime. It kept sticking to my skin every time I opened my
hooded eyes. Annoying.

The glitter eyeliner doesn’t do much on its own because it’s
not opaque enough (it’s just clear gloss with specks of glitter in it), but I
really like layering it on top of black eyeliner for a glitzy look. I’m excited
to layer it on top of all my colored eyeliners, too.

For $5, I definitely recommend this stuff.

H&M had the smallest selection, but the packaging is nice
and everything is very affordable. I’m curious to see what the in-store
selection is like.


From Topshop, I ordered an under-eye brightener in Moonlight,
vibrant cobalt eyeliner (they only have it in black now, I think),
and yes, another dark purple lipstick in Depth.

This lipstick is similar to the one from H&M, except a lot
darker. There’s no red undertones; it’s just a dark purple. Here’s what they
look like side by side.

I wore this lipstick when I took my sister to the mall to see The Hunger Games and a bunch of
preteens made faces at me, so I think it’s a hit!

Was it worth a whopping
$16 though? Probably not. If your lips are even a little dry, it settles into
all of your cracks and crevices, and it slides off really easily. Pretty packaging though! Actually, that goes for all of the
Topshop makeup. I’m a sucker for nice design.

The cobalt eyeliner was pricey, too, at $14, but I’ve wanted one
even since Hannah wrote this tutorial.
It goes on very smoothly and the color is so vibrant.

I had high hopes for the brightener, especially since the
reviews were raving, but I’m not sure it was really worth the $14 pricetag.
It’s not bad, but I have other concealers that were cheaper and do just as good
a job of covering dark circles and spots.

Also, it only comes in one pale shade (“Moonlight”) so it’s
tough luck to everyone else out there with darker skin. Boo.

Topshop is the only one with free shipping, but their products
were pretty expensive for me. As nice as their products are (and despite the
very pretty packaging), I probably won’t order any more beauty products from
them. I will, however, use up every last drop of the lipstick, eyeliner, and
brightener so as to get my money’s worth. Good thing I like them.

Weirdly enough, I’d probably recommend Forever 21 the most.
They have the biggest and cheapest selection, and the quality is surprisingly
good for the price. If you go there in-store or check it out online, I suggest
going for the nail polish (tons of great colors).

They also have a ton of
adorable makeup bags,
and lots of makeup tools with cute designs, although I can’t speculate as to
their quality. Oh, and Christmas is coming up and this is THE place for cheap,
adorable gifts, such as animal-shaped lip balm.

I guess the only con to getting beauty products at Forever 21
is that you might end up feeling a bit like a tween again--but maybe that
can also be a pro, I guess?