4 False Eyelash Strips For Dramatic But Lazy Girls

I want the longest, fullest lashes I can get, with the least amount of effort.
Publish date:
June 2, 2014
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There was once a time when I wouldn't leave home without wearing mascara. I’d like to think I was born with a fairly decent lash length, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be longer.

I wanted my lashes to mimic butterfly wings with each blink, so about a year ago, I did an experiment: I decided to stop wearing mascara in the hopes that they’d grow longer and stronger. (In all honesty, I just got lazy and was fed up with removing it every night.) During that experiment, I didn’t see a change in their density, but everyone around me started to comment on what long lashes I had. Coincidence? Who knows.

But I started to miss mascara. Or at least, the look of mascara. I wanted the longest, fullest lashes I could get, with the least amount of effort.

Lash serum was out of the question--too much time and too much money. Lash extensions were out, too. After watching my sister lose so many of her natural lashes from extensions, that was also out of the question.

That left me with one, cheap, convenient option: false eyelash strips. (Individuals are a whole other walk in the park. I'll let someone else write that story.)

As noted above, I'm lazy, which is the main reason I avoided false eyelash strips up until this point. But, hey. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. For beauty! So I rounded up four types of strips, with lengths from entry level to extreme. (Click here for some great application tips from Beth if you're a real beginner.)

Let’s bring on the dramatics:

MAC 31 Lash was the closest to my natural length; they’re more useful for giving the lashes extra fullness. Since I’ve realized fuller lashes are more practical than extremely long ones, I could see using these every day. Until, of course, they disintegrate, or whatever else frequently used falsh lashes do.

Ease of application: The easiest. Even if you've never applied lashes, or are in a rush, it'll take you no time to slap these babies on.

Sephora False Eyelashes in Flair were my absolute favorite--they were love at first apply. I’ll admit it took some time getting used to since they’re so long, but when I tell you these little winged-tips were everything my lashes has ever needed, I mean it. Let’s thank the Lash Lords for their creation.

Ease of application: Not too bad. The winged-tips guide you and make it easier to place, but the thick strip makes it a bit hard to get a good grip.

Mehron E.Y.E. Lashes in Fuller were a sight to see. Not only were they long and thick and very black, but they also made me feel like I had little butterflies for eyelashes just like I wanted. I wouldn’t, however, wear these regularly, but they'll definitely be my go-tos when I feel it’s time to get fancy.

Ease of application: Not bad at all. The strip isn't too thick, and the length of the lashes makes it easy to hold on to and place, as well.

Make Up Forever 158 Monica Eyelashes were probably the most dramatic of the bunch. They’re a spiky brown and black blend, and made my eyes look a porcelain baby doll's my emphasizing their shape and largeness. But that’s what I loved about them.

Ease of application: These probably took the longest to apply, but after three tries and 15 minutes, it was worth the flutter.

What false eyelash strips do you love? Any secret tips for achieving long, full eyelashes?