Pink Lipsticks, Part II: Even More Of The Season's Best

The greatest autumn color story CONTINUES with more of my all-time favorite pale pinks.

When last we saw our intrepid heroine, she had bravely tried on six of the finest pale pink lip colors for fall, risking lip and limb in the pursuit of beauty excellence. We rejoin Alle as she shares seven more of her favorite lipsticks in autumn's newest IN shade, at every price point.

For Lovers Of Sheer Color

Chanel Coco Rouge in Intime

Light pinks don’t have to be all sugar, which Chanel knows better than anyone. Intime is a sheer dusty rose that’s sexy rather than it is cute, and perfect for more pigmented lips. It’s also going to be absolutely massive this coming season, so get ready to see a lot of it.

It’s easy to understand why: Intime recalls nostalgic '90s light brown-pink shades, but without the unfortunately retro super-matte finish. Because my lips are quite pink already, the color reads as a spicy yet light nude on me, which I love.

The Coco Rouge formula is magical--lightweight and comfortable, with zero feathering issues. Intime lasts about three hours between touch-ups, which is excellent for such a glossy shade. Thumbs up emoji. Intime is available now. Check online if you can’t find it at the Chanel counter--it’s very popular.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Glossy Balm in My Babydoll

I never met a cool pink I didn’t like, and My Babydoll is aces: A light, oh-so-slightly blue-pink with a sheer, shiny finish. L'Oreal is finally getting into the chubby pencil game, and I have to say, these Glossy Balms are really strong contenders.

My Babydoll turns out to be a much cooler candy-pink than I expected. That can be a tough color to wear, but the Glossy Balm's sheer formula allows your natural lip color to peek through. It's a great way to embrace the lavender pink lips trend without going FULL Pepto Bismol (although, spoiler alert, I'll be doing that look, too).

The Glossy Balms have no feathering issues and last about two hours between touch-ups. I wasn’t sure I’d love a balm gloss--I’m pretty attached to the balm stain hybrid--but being able to wipe my lips clean without resorting to crazy measures is awesome. These are rolling out in drugstores as we speak.

For Business Women

Lancome Rouge In Love in Sweet Embrace

Having a nine-to-five doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the fall lipstick fun! Sweet Embrace is a gorgeously delicate, work-appropriate neutral light pink.

This pink reads almost nude on me--it turns the volume down on my natural lip color without leaving me dead-looking. In certain lights I can see the tiniest hint of peachy shimmer, making the color interesting without getting you written up by HR.

The Rouge In Love formula is one of my all-time favorites. It's hydrating, beyond silky, and wonderful--like dessert for my lips. This shade lasts at least five hours and requires minimal touch-ups, which is what you want at work. Sweet Embrace is available now.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Come Up

For a slightly brighter office pink, Come Up is on point. Housed in a glorious silver case, this light but vibrant satin pink is super fun yet still professional.

This is one of those versatile shades that I’d gladly wear every day--to the office, to the mailbox, to a bar. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, it's fun, confident, and commanding of respect. I imagine Olivia Pope and Elle Woods both liking this color, and it would look incredible on both of them.

The formula is nearly opaque but not heavy, while also being extremely rich with a slight mint fragrance and satin finish. It lasts about five hours before requiring a touch-up, and it’s available as of August 13th.

For 24-Hour Party People

MAC Lipstick in Saint Germain

MAC’s Saint Germain is what I’d call a Nicki Minaj pink, that is, it's a densely pigmented, cool pale pink that totally masks lips natural color and paints them this really exciting shade.

Full disclosure: I don’t usually love such heavy lavender pinks on me; they never look as good on me as they do on Our Queen Nicki, and I worry they make me look jaundiced. But this lipstick got a VERY enthusiastic reception from the kids in my neighborhood and I can’t deny that it’s a gorgeous color.

MAC’s amplified créme formula is excellent, especially because it doesn’t leave streaky marks, which is always a challenge for opaque pastel shades. It wears nicely, with the shine fading before the color does, but you can expect to touch it up every three to four hours. This is a tough color to wear, but if you love it, this is the shade that you want. You can buy it right now, and (rejoice!) it’s part of MAC’s permanent range.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Demure

These Lacquer Balms have become forever favorites of mine, and no discussion of pale pinks for fall would be complete without this wonderfully flattering, slightly sparkly shade of apricot.

Demure is anything but "demure." It gives me shimmery, peachy light lips that work incredibly well with dramatic eyes. Tell me that this shade wouldn’t slay with thick tights and chunky sweaters. I’ll wait.

The Lacquer Balms lack the staying power of Revlon’s companion Balm Stains, but I get two to three hours of feather-free wear from these. The shimmer DOES tend to hang around pretty tenaciously, so you may have sparkly peach lips for a minute after removal. You can buy this shade right now at the drugstore.

Are you tired of autumnal pinks yet? Too bad, because here's bonus!

For Those With A Lifetime Membership To SPARKLE MOTION

Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Let Them Eat Cake

If you asked me to design my dream fall lip color, this is what I’d come up with: gold and pink sparkle suspended in a sheer lavender-rose base. HEAVEN.

Frosted lipsticks can read as embarrassingly retro, but the gold shimmer in Let Them Eat Cake (a quote which Marie Antoinette never said, btw) makes this perfectly now. It’s shimmery and sparkly in the best way; it looks almost like pale pink foil on my lips in certain lights.

This lipstick rules, and not just because it makes my mouth glitter like a magical freaking cupcake in the sun. Unlike many other sparkly lipsticks, the texture isn’t gritty or sand-like. It goes on smooth and lasts a solid four hours without reapplication. Plus, you can wear it over other lipsticks as a sparkly top coat. I know some of you are shouting, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY," so don't worry, it’s available right now.

And this brings us to the end of our magical pale pink fall lipstick journey! I hope you've had as fantastic a time as I have. Which of these light pink, dusty rose and muted apricot shades are your favorites? Did I miss your most beloved pale lip color?

Tell me EVERYTHING in the comments!